Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Fine Art Tuesday


Points from the Drake Cachet (Link)

Clovis points

Size when first made

Good stone was reused and the points got progressively smaller. Stone was traded from tribe-to-tribe and probably handed down from generation-to-generation

Anybody who appreciates this kind of work can purchase replicas. Some are exact replicas cast in resin. Others are knapped out of stone.

Ten Clovis points knapped by Dan Theus

A Clovis point knapped out of Fiber Optic Glass.

Link to posters


  1. Beautiful! I've played around with flintknapping, but never achieved that level of finesse. Can attest, though, that for every one of those 'perfect' points, there are many others that broke, often just as the finishing touches/notches were being added. Silicosis (inhalation of fine silica dust) in ancient flintknappers was probably the first 'industrial disease'.

  2. A friend picked up a 4" flint point in the Libyan desert, in far southern Egypt. Not clovis, of course!
    It had been laying exposed to wind and sand for so long the upper side was polished smooth, the bottom side showing clean flaking. A little testament to time. This is the region where Libyan desert glass is found.

  3. Fine Art Tuesday on a Wednesday ! ! !

  4. I met a guy out west heavy into knapping. He had an elaborate setup, workshop, etc. He even had decoy work he used to distract thieves if needed. The neatest thing I remember was an ordinary looking pebble that was a finger scraper used to work hides. I never heard of it and would never spot it on my own.

  5. That is beautiful work by a very skilled person. I can barely keep the flints on my flint lock rifles sharp and even. ---ken

  6. When I was a kid an old man taught me much of the basics of knapping. I have a great deal of respect for the craftsmanship of the points you have shown here.

  7. Those are beautiful pieces of art. No doubt the base stone was carefully chosen to make sure the finished product was a beautiful as useful. Thank you for including the pictures in this post.

  8. I wonder if they were wanderers from the tower. Roger


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