Monday, March 27, 2023

Prices at the local Walmart

Gluten-free Tortillas: 53 cents per ounce

Tortillas with EXTRA gluten (wheat protein): 41 cents per ounce

Tortillas with the same amount of gluten that God put in the wheat: 16 cents per ounce


  1. Skip the Mission.
    Go down and find you a mercado with fresh made corn tortillas.
    Ohhhhh my!

  2. Replies
    1. Milagro makes great tortillas, that's the brand all the Mexicanos in my kitchen go for. It's amazing to me the quantity they can go through in a week. Three or four packages per man per week or thereabouts.

  3. Durn it, Milagro tortillas are not sold in my area. Closest appears to be in San Antonio, 245 miles away.

    I've made do with Don Pedro down in the Texas RGV. They are local and priced well. I love corn tortillas fresh from oven (so soft) but they harden pretty quickly unless stored airtight and separated before they cool down.

    Thanks for the gluten breakdown sir ! I'm type II diabetic so I have to make hard decisions.

  4. Yep, 'shopping choices' come with a hefty price tag...

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  6. I made my own flour tortillas for the first time recently. Much better taste than the store-bought ones and a helluva lot cheaper. I suspect the copious amounts of lard and bacon grease may have boosted the flavor a bit. Burp!

  7. Try the walmart brand flour and corn tortillas. Almost half the price and I think that they taste better than the Mission brand. They are, unfortunately, usually out of stock at my local walmart.


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