Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Hey, just wait a gol-durned minute


My pepper seeds were taking off. There was a marked difference between the Aji peppers (Capsicum baccatum) and the the Capsicum annuum varieties. The C. annuum varieties were EXPLODING out of the ground.

Then something clicked in my head. The "peppers" looked just like the weeds that came up with my onion seedlings. I got the dirt from the same bag. Ergo, the "peppers" weren't peppers but were weeds that some enterprising chipmunk had deposited in the dirt bag.

Based on the reddish stem, I suspect an Amarantus species like retroflexus or a Rumex species. I will be snipping them with a pair of scissors as I make positive IDs on them.

75 feet of onions

One of the comments in an earlier post asked why I planted a single, 75' long row of onions and not several shorter rows.

The reason is that the onions are not very vulnerable to the ravages of rabbit and woodchucks so they will be planted outside the fence. The fenced in area is a bit less than 75' by 75' because poultry netting comes in 150' rolls and I bought two of them. 300' divided by four sides equals 75' a side.

Today's garden chore was to go out into the woods and split an 8' long black locust log into quarters that are light enough for me to carry back to the garden for use as corner posts. That was about a 90 minute chore.


  1. I envy you being able to get out and get to work Joe. We still over a foot of snow that doesn't seem to be in a hurry to leave.---ken

  2. Man, I would love a tutorial on splitting 8 foot logs.
    I have 2 new rows of berries that need fenceposts and some cedar trees I don't much like...

  3. I've been battling pigweed and wormwood for years...the bane of my existence.


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