Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Life is not all skittles-and-cream

Looking north-to-south down the strip allocated for the food-bearing-hedge.

You might think that as one of south-east Eaton County's most popular bloggers that my life would be smooth sailing.

Alas, I have to put in a little bit of work now an then.

The property line where I am attempting to start a hedge is shared with a neighbor who can be prickly.

I went down the fence (which I believe is mine) and cut all of the branches and limbs that were on my side of the fence.

Looking back the other way after cutting and dragging brush into where hedge will grow.


The reason I believe that the fence is mine is that the property I now own has been the residence of assorted live-stock since at least 1975. Before we bought it, it was primarily horses. Since then, it has been animals that produce food-and-fiber.

The fence separates the pastures (ours) from land where row-crops have been grown, off-and-on, since before 1975.

Control of animals is the responsibility of the animals' owners in not-free-range states, not the responsibility of the row-cropper. That means that the fence has a 99.96% chance that it was built and maintained by the owners of the animals, the previous owners of this property.

Unfortunately, this fence runs beneath a powerline easement and the power company obliterated the fence for about 100 yards toward the back of the property. I need to rebuild that fence before my neighbor decides the property line is 10 yards deeper onto my property.


  1. A prickly neighbor is the best reason for a thorny food bearing hedgerow, but under a power line may be a problem.?

  2. No pins or monuments marking the property corners? Surveyors don't come cheap, but I've always felt that, in the case of a piece of property that has unclear boundaries (see above), that it's money well spent to know exactly where the boundaries are - especially before building fence line. Unless of course, you harbor a niggling suspicion that you've been using the neighbor's land for decades and want to be able to substantiate your own adverse possession claim... Might want to consult with an attorney on that one though.

    1. Winner winner chicken dinner.
      1000 bucks or less to get the line marked if its clear. Neighbor gives you any fuss you can make a copy of the survey for them to reference as well.

  3. Which side of the fence posts is the fence stapled to? That's usually the side of whoever put the fence up. Also go to the Register of Deeds office and get a copy of the powerline easement and see what it says about fences. I've seen a lot of variations in them. ---ken

  4. Big Yep on coyoteken48 comment above. No owner would install fencing, then jump the fence to get back on their land. Some owners will alternate the sides, so that fence is equally strong on animals attempting to push the fence over.

  5. Our power crew use herbicides and are aggressive with pruning.

    No food production near my electric line.

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  7. This is helpful but not authoritative in exact boundary mapping. I spent $750 for an official survey in a county neighboring yours.

  8. ERJ, this is something we will have to deal with in the not too distant future at The Ranch. The outer boundaries are clearly marked; the difference between our pasture and my Aunt and Uncle's is more vague (that part of the property was once joined and then separated. Nothing to be done until that time when the property settles, but I am mindful of it.

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