Wednesday, March 8, 2023


Southern Belle came down with something that has symptoms consistent with Norovirus.

Whether it is or isn't is academic. It might be food poisoning. It might be some other virus. Care is virtually identical for the patient. Sleep. Liquids. Watch for dehydration.

If it is Noro I expect it will domino through the entire household.

We all took our vitamins. We are washing our hands with great vigor but it is probably a moot point. We are avoiding taking trips since Noro symptoms can be sudden onset.

I took us out of the "Mom" rotation for the duration just-in-case.

This too will pass.


  1. Prayers you can avoid if possible, and for speedy recovery if you can't.

    We had a run with the noro 3 years ago, spread like wildfire. Wife ended up in the ER, not from the virus, but from an allergic reaction to the anti-nausea meds she took.

  2. Remember your zinc, quercetin+bromelein too (zinc is used by cells to fight infections).

    I recently, in the middle of nowhere, had a 'cold injury', which started some cellulitis of my fingers of one hand (I'm prone due to many previous cold injuries over the decades).

    Hundreds of miles from hospital, no antibiotics but I still had my anti-coof meds so ... and it worked. I 'may' never go back (except in dire extremis) to antibiotics again.

  3. oregano oil capsules daily, no matter what


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