Thursday, March 9, 2023

Your Thursday Shuffle Girl clip



  1. Its funny, the difference different human cultures have. I wonder what a different segment would say watching this? Same things I say watching twerks and donut burnouts in the parkinglot?

  2. Do you have any idea what a "cotton-eyed Joe" is? It's similar to the 'probe' they run up into your nasal passages to 'test' for the Shanghai Shivers, (Covid). A long stick with a cotton swab on the end. In the 'old days' this 'cotton-eyed Joe was inserted into the penis, & subsequently run up into the urethra to sample for ghonorrea, the 'clap'. the individual singing the tune "Cotton-eyed Joe" was bemoaning the fact that due to the results of this 'test' utilizing cotton-eyed Joe, he could not be married as the consummation of said marriage would infect his new bride with the clap. thus, "if it weren't for Cotton-eyed Joe I'd been married long time ago"......and you have pretty young girls dancing to this....or maybe Cotton-eyed Joe somehow refers to the current occupant of the White House. One's as disgusting as the other......

  3. All I know is that if I tried this dance, I'd likely hurt something.


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