Saturday, March 11, 2023

A Pleasant Surprise

"Hey, Daddy. What do you want me to do with these seeds on the window sill?" Southern Belle asked.

Several weeks ago (February 19) I had placed some Aji Mango and Aji Pineapple pepper seeds* between some paper napkins and put them in a ziplock baggie. Then I placed them under artificial heat. Coming back sometime later, I felt them and they were too hot. I used my IR thermometer and measured 108F. Well, crap. That cooked them.

Not wanting to admit I had killed the seeds (gifts from Belladonna), I moved them to a window sill and ignored them.

Southern Belle was vacuuming and had knocked the seeds off of the window sill. "Hey, Daddy. What do you want me to do with these seeds on the window sill?" 

She handed them to me and I looked at the discolored blotches on the napkins where molds had taken hold. Darn and double-darn. "You might as well pitch them. They look like they are goners" I said.

Southern Belle picked up the baggie/damp napkins/seeds and held them up to the light. "I dunno, Dad. I think I see some green."

What I saw after I pulled the napkin-seeds-napkins sandwich apart

These seedlings should straighten out over the next week or so.
It does the heart good to see one's best characteristics manifest in one's children. In this case the generosity of Belladonna and Southern Belle exercising her powers of observation.

For those of you who are estranged from your children, have heart. They are carrying bits of you with them, even if they are too proud to admit it.


Bonus picture

One of Quicksilver's favorite toys is the "canoe" a kid-carrier/backpack came in. Here she is trying to climb into it.


  1. Amazing how durable life is. Babys are often proof.

  2. Yeah, I didn't get it as a kid, but now that mine are older and I'm shorter, you really start to understand how much of a Blessing children are.

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  4. Boxes are the best toys kids/kitties/ puppies could ever ask for. And cheaper than whatever they held prior.


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