Sunday, March 19, 2023

Phone update

Mrs ERJ got a text while we were in church. Somebody found my phone in the gravel parking lot behind the Quality Dairy in Eaton Rapids.

We retrieved it. It had 7% charge left.

I am in the process of emailing my contacts to my account. That is what I would miss the most.


If the weather-guessers have their act together, we will have a string of three days without rain. That means that by Tuesday afternoon, the garden MIGHT be dry enough for a first-pass with the tiller AND I can plant some onions and Super Sugar Snap peas.

Today was also a good day to get out and do a little bit of cutting.

I found a seedling plum tree in the southwest corner of my property. The only plum seeds I remember planting back there were Waneta X Elephant Heart. I eliminated cottonwoods, sumac and willow that was shading the tree because I want to ensure the tree gets ample sunlight. I hope to catch it in bloom so I can provide a bouquet of P. americana for pollination. I am very curious to sample the quality of this survivor plum.



  2. Having bought and read all your books, and kept up with your two young heros I did pause briefly and ask myself, “how did his cell phone get behind the diary in that gravel parking lot”. Briefly.


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  4. Good luck with that! We're alternating between cold and hot, rain and wind... grrr...


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