Tuesday, March 7, 2023

A few local ponds

The larger pond is 4 acres. Gravel pit origin. All images from Google

Brickyard pond. Clay pit. Drain was accidentally (?) plugged and pond was about 2 acres. Plug was found and fixed now pond is about 1/2 acre.

MidMichigan Land Conservancy. Large pond is 9 acres

Twin ponds in Eaton Rapids City limits. Nicknamed California and New York ponds. 2 acres each.

Hawaiian Island ponds just east of New York and California ponds. Drainage progressively dammed.
Pond or flooding across road from Columbia Creek Park. 5 acres.

Columbia Highway west of M-99. I saw fishermen catching panfish on this 1 acre pond.

Pond just south of Eaton Rapids City limits. Looks like a combination gravel pit and dammed drainage.

Hare Pond. 9 acres.

Long Hwy Pond showing heavy algae bloom.

Two, 10 acre lakes between Eaton Rapids and Potterville.


  1. Lots of water available... sigh... Folks down here would kill for those ponds for stock!

    1. The pond at Rancho Snakebit down here in Seguin is 2' wide by about 10' long and seven feet deep.
      I was I dug it in late July last year to see what the water table might be in a dry summer.
      I stopped when the clay went from bone dry to.... damp.
      This winter the water was about 3" from the top.

    2. Hey, Anna, how good are you at digging wells?

  2. Planning guerilla gardens? Always need water close.

  3. Gotta get minnows from somewhere.

    So 9 acres is a pond and 10 or more is a lake?

  4. https://imgur.com/a/5WOq99c

    Assuming I eye balled the flow correctly I think the indicated area would be fairly perfect for a sneaky minnow pond. Google indicates data from 2023, which seems very wrong. Based on low water levels I'm guessing Summer 2022/2021.

    The small open area is ~.1 acres, in a fairly low water level year so I would guess probably going to be resistant to drying in any year and ~2 feet of water in a wet year. If you maintained a semi-concealed access path. With some very sticky maintenance you could keep some deeper areas cleared out, install appropriate cover and only need to place traps at 1 or 2 locations (if at all). There's another likely spot north butting right up to to the lake for a similar idea.

    The sluggish outflowing water would probably warm to spawning temperatures (bottom is likely black mud in spring, very good for warming up early) pretty early. I don't know what volume of production such a small area, but could be potent per hour invested. Would also need to verify the minnows could spawn in the reeds/sticky mud (i.e. if they need a gravel bottom this won't work).

    1. I did some googling on minnow rates per acre and think something like this could support 100-200 lbs of minnows per year. As a protein source that's on par with shooting a few deer per year, and without the difficulties of hunting.

    2. Let me apologize in advance. What caliber for minnows?

    3. Elmer Keith advocated for a 12", cast iron skillet at 375 fps...or maybe that was Fahrenheit. I will have to check my notes.

  5. Where I grew up we had playa lakes. Low spots that filled up with the rain, then dried up over time. There was some brainstorming on how to get that water into the groundwater without messing up the aquifers. About all the playa would do for you, is give you a little extra storage, for a little extra time. And a pretty decent source of heavy clay soils and weeds. Oh, and toads. Loads of toads...

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