Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Profitability of Disney Animated Films


Log scale. Worldwide, Gross Receipts on vertical axis.
Disney's first two animations returned 100 TIMES the original, budgeted investment.

Their last two animation returned 2.13 times and 0.58 times the budget in Worldwide, Gross Receipts. That does not include merchandising revenues for branded merchandise.

Looking at the stretch from 1996 until 2012, 

Log scale on vertical axis
Disney was struggling until the first of the Frozen franchise hit the theaters.

The question is not "Why is Disney tightening their belts and laying off people?"

The question is "What took them so long?"

I realize that Log-scale is hard to visualize, so here is a comparison of Lion King (1994) and their most recent release (Nov 2022) using Linear-scale.


  1. Verily, Disney decided to get woke, go broke (but with their catalog and residuals, going broke will be a long time coming if every, but the point remains). This happens when you run out of original ideas and decide to value DIE over quality stories.

  2. As Aaron said... But with the amount of stuff in the catalog that they are removing, that might NOT take quite so long.

  3. ERJ, did a quick look. I think last two Disney Animated movies I saw were Ralph Breaks the InterNet (2018) streaming (much later) and Frozen 2 (2019). For their sister company Pixar, the last two were Onward And Soul (2020, both streaming) and Incredibles 2 (2018). Honestly, they are just not all that good anymore. The originality is gone and has been deeply replaced by messaging. Looking at Pixar's upcoming releases (Disney Animation lists none), I cannot see anything that I would be remotely interested in seeing.

    Which I guess is fine. We have all the DVDs of the ones I care about.

    1. Funny how the quality of Pixar started down after the founder was forced out for #MeToo allegations, that were never confirmed. Almost makes you think it was pure office politics by hacks resenting talent.

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  6. Don't see the original Fantasia in the mix...


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