Wednesday, March 15, 2023

January 6 and Mike Pence

I am blessed to have a few cross-over readers who tolerate my political BS in return for the other content I publish. Civil discourse has become so polarized that cross-overs, from whichever side seem to be a rarity in the social media universe.

Thanks for reading the blog, all 1.7 of you and I want to talk obliquely about January 6 by way of an analogy.


Suppose you had been able to get a job checking the strength of concrete used in civil-works projects like roads.

Furthermore, suppose you had a new bridge being constructed that connected your subdivision with "town". Not only would you be using the bridge almost everyday but your children and grandchildren would, too. Bridges last a long time.

Now suppose your job entailed cutting core samples with a bore-saw out of test-plaques that were cast integrally with the load-bearing spans and were to take them back to the laboratory and put them into a machine that crushed them.

Your job was to sign-off that the crush strength was consistent with 5000 psi concrete, the strength level that had been specified for the bridge.

Would you crush the specimens? Would you even take them?

After all, the project manager assured you that they followed the guidelines for type of aggregate, the cleanliness of the sand and water, the proper proportions of portland cement powder and the other ingredients. He even hands you a stack of papers that are initialed that attest to that claim.

You thumb through the papers and many of the initials are smudged and unreadable but the project manager brushes off you pointing that out. "That happens with every bridge. Some of the initials aren't that clear."

Then you look out the window and you see somebody pumping muddy water into the cement mixer. "Isn't that supposed to be clean water. You said these pages document that clean water is used" you protest.

"Well, there is clean water and there is sort-of clean water. We always did it this way and none of our bridges ever fell down. That means it is clean enough" the project manager explains.

Item-by-item you look at the job site and you see shortcuts being taken and bad-practices. For example, a quick squall blows through and the crew stops pouring concrete and takes cover. You see that silt and clay washed over the top of the previous pour and the crew returns to the site after the rain stopped and continued the pour even though there is a layer of contamination.

The project manager badgers you. "We gotta time-table"

Do you rubber-stamp the work and not cut and test the samples?

Mike Pense didn't cut and test the samples. He accepted the word of people with vested interests in the face of evidence that there were "anomalies". He chose to interpret his job as a quality inspector was to tot-up the totals in the Electoral College (something a 3rd grader could do) and not interpret it as a professional who is charged with ensuring the integrity of the election.

Your mileage will vary. I hope you guys and gals still pop in and read the blog even if our opinions are different about some things.


  1. You always do the samples... sigh

  2. Pence was and IS a deep state swamp monster. Part of the problem. He sold out to the left a long time ago.... probably before even being selected as VP. Trump's number one problem while POTUS was not being able to trust ANYONE. The system corrupts virtually everyone. Jus look at that brain donor moron AOC. Elected as a flat ass broke bartender. 4 years in office and she's worth more than $30 million....on a salary of $175K a year.

    1. Dan, did you mean that Trump's number one problem is he trusted the wrong people?

      In that case I agree.

      His 2nd biggest problem was he trusted too many of the wrong people for too long.

    2. Yep.
      When he announced a handful of his cabinet picks that first day, I knew he wasn't gonna be the orange Jesus everybody wanted.

  3. Greatly value your blog, Joe; even when the engineering ( for one) is over my head. This is the perfect analogy of our last opportunity to avoid the disintegration of our Republic. Dan has it right; Pence is the epitome of the problem. We and our Founders Republic have been sold out by these vermin. They have left us with only one recourse - it's gonna be ugly but we cannot shrink from what is coming. We owe it to the Founders and our progeny.
    May God help and guide us in this endeavor.
    Boat Guy

  4. Trust but verify ... everything, everywhere, every time. Doubt everything until proven otherwise, then still doubt.

    (In health-care, in the OR, you always have a minimum of two 'scrub' nurses. Why? To check, double-check and then get somebody else to do the same, because the ramifications of an error are too severe to take the chance).

    It doesn't have to be incompetence, corruption or malice, things go wrong in the real world even when you do everything right. You shouldn't certify without checking, ever, just because of normal, everyday errors that 'will' occur. Certifying when you 'suspect' there may be issues is bad enough, doing so when you 'know' there are shows ... your own incompetence, corruption or malice.

    I recently watched a (Lovell's) WPS video I completely agreed with. It was "What is the most important problem currently in America?"

    You can make a list a hundred-miles long of things 'going wrong', but the most important? Election integrity, because everything else is down-stream from that one issue. If you haven't got that, you aren't ever fixing anything else.

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    Pence was 'supposed' to be one of the guards for election integrity, and he failed utterly to do his one job (be honest, there's really not much else VP is really for). His job, as guard, was to mistrust, doubt, first, last and always, and to check, and double-check at every step of the process (there are other 'guards' who were equally 'lax', but his was the primary responsibility, the last line of defence. the one the Framers didn't think was 'really' necessary, because with a "moral and religious people ..." it would never be needed).

    So, whether it was incompetence, corruption or malice on his part (I know which 'I' suspect) is really irrelevant, he may have blindly trusted, he may have been bought, he may have been complicit, but ... the outcome is the same. Election integrity in America is done, trust is now non-existent, and ... it will be 'Hard' to ever get it back.

    Bad as it sounds, my personal feeling is that 'this' is exactly why the 2nd Amendment was written, and ... we may be long past any chance to 'right things' without using it.

    1. At this point election integrity is irrelevant. If voting actually made a difference we wouldn't be allowed to vote. The deep star bureaucracy runs things... NOT elected politicians. They are just figureheads. Replace 100% of them overnight and nothing would change.

    2. True, but that's only really since the asinine decision to cease the 'spoils system', based on the even more idiotic 'assumption' that there was ever an apolitical bureaucracy. (The Founding Fathers knew that government, if not the enemy, was a necessary evil that 'must' be limited as much as possible. Everything we've seen since has been government trying to slip those bonds, and proven how right they were).

      The 'spoils system' was abused, purely coincidentally I'm sure, mostly by the very 'party' to which the majority of the bureaucracy identified/worked for. What is never mentioned is that whilst a partisan official may have taken charge, it was only when that person was aligned with the bureaucracy (doubling down) that it did it's worst. When the opposite occurred, they cancelled each others excesses out. And in both cases, 'some' of the dead-wood parasites were removed.

      And ... it was replaced first by Pendleton and then by a 'claimed' meritocratic system that, again purely coincidentally, just happened to always favour candidates from one party, and has grown, and developed the power and its own partisan agenda since.

      I completely agree the faceless mandarins are the real power behind the uniparty sock-puppets, but ... what, other than anarchy and destruction, is the alternative to doing whatever it takes to return some measure of integrity to elections?

      Every institution and organisation is fatally corrupted, none will ever act unless the Augean stable is cleansed from the top down. That, at least, offers a possibility, nothing else does.

      Failing that we have two alternative outcomes. The socialist boot stamping endlessly, or ... the kind of bloodletting that will make both world wars and every communist victim look like a child's tea-party in comparison. I'm not sure it's possible, but I'd rather at least try.

      The fact is, nothing else matters until/unless we get to elect who we want. Nothing you do, say, think about ... anything else means a thing unless "we the people" are in charge again. Choose!

  5. Pence failed. And like so many, seems to have come out of it Juuust Fiiine.
    Imagine being in charge of some element of security. Imagine failing and the end result being a MONSTROUS terrorist attack on America. Now imagine that after the smoke clears,You get a biggass promotion. Now go look at everyone who was in a position to stop 9/11

    1. Pence didn't fail, he did his throw the election. He should be hanging from a lamp post.

  6. You misspelled Pence. It's spelled "traitor"

  7. Mike Pence seemed like a pretty decent governor. I admired him for always bringing his wife when he had a meeting or dinner with a woman.
    Now he has been caught fucking the dog.

    All misperceptions corrected.
    Death to tyrants.

  8. The Democratic platform in 2008 declared that “we need a government that stands up for the hopes, values, and interests of working people, and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.”

    In 2012, On September 4, the first day of the Democratic National “God-given” was out. The Democrats merely embraced “the simple principle that hard work should pay off, responsibility should be rewarded, and each one of us should be able to go as far as our talent and drive take us.”

    I had the TV on that afternoon and was walking through when I heard this. Stopped me dead in my tracks as people all over the convention floor were cheering. All I could think was what the hell was happening to my country? Don Mclean ran through my head that day with bye, bye America. Nothing yet
    has proved me wrong.

    Could Pence be Trump's deep throat?

  9. He should have been mixed with that theoretical batch of concrete and set afloat.

  10. ERJ, A good example of checking the specs was on the last "big" job I was on before I retired for good was a double barrel 8'x8' cast in place box culvert built by company E. I worked for company K, a sub of company E. Company E had their own fleet of in house inspectors to "Uphold and ensure the quality of our work."
    They were relentless in nitpicking us. Somebody watching all day, every day.
    The box was nearly 300' long and turned over to us to backfill and cover. I had a 6'+ lift of dirt over it by the time the state inspectors determined that the lid was 6 INCHES thin.....
    All the fill was removed, power washed, formed, doweled, steel tied, and poured. By company E, at company E's expense. My only comment was "Maybe their quality control people were watching the wrong crew, ya think?"
    They deserved every bit of it, they were trying to put us under on the project.

  11. Wow! That's was triple layer velvet glove treatment of Pence. He single handedly could have prevented the last 2.5 years of chaos and a future decade of strife. Elections have consequences.

    1. When persuading somebody you have to start from a foundation you can both agree upon.

      If I were to try to sell you something and I started with "global warming" and "it takes a village to raise a child" you would doubt everything I said afterward.


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