Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Heller and Shannon: Hunter becomes hunted

Turner home as seen in the daytime

The first thing Heller did was to strip off the an 8” length of T-Rex duct-tape from the bottom of the pizza bag and slap it across Turner’s mouth. Heller knew about personal, digital assistants like Alexa. He did not need to have Turner calling 911.

Then Heller trussed him up with a pair of disposable handcuffs AND trussed up his legs with 14 gauge, steel wire. Then he whacked him again with the TASER and put a double-wrap of duct-tape around Turner’s mouth and lower head.

Looking at Turner, Heller realized there was a problem. Turner was on his back and there was no way Heller was going to undo the handcuffs and re-cuff him behind his back. That just wasn't going to happen.

Heller pulled a lamp cord out of the wall outlet and cut the wire off where it went into the base of the lamp. Heller gave him ANOTHER whack with the TASER and then tied the wrists to the wraps of steel wire around his ankles so Turner couldn't reach up and rip the tape from his mouth. Shannon and Heller had talked about the possibility of the house being littered with "smart devices". Heller would have to take his chances with the cameras because there was no way he could find them all. But he could stop Turner for telling Alexa to get help.

Heller hit the stop-watch on his wrist and then consulted the Indestructable field-notebook taped to his wrist. He had blocked out each task that had to be done in a specific order and he had a target time of when each item needed to be completed. He wanted to be in-and-out in 20 minutes.

The first thing he did was to pick up the smartphone Turner had dropped and pop it into a Faraday pouch. The second thing he did was to cut the iWatch off of Turner's wrist and put it into the pouch with the phone. If anybody in the outside world was monitoring, it looked like their batteries had died simultaneously.

He gave himself 90 seconds to find and disable the internet connection. It took him forty seconds. He had seen the fiber-optic feed while standing on the porch. It was not a big deal to snip the cable with a pair of dykes.

Then he did a quick scout of the house to identify the offices. Apparently rich people had his-and-her office spaces, something he should have anticipated but didn’t. It slowed him down.

He piling up the lap-tops and other computer devices on the countertop next to the range when he heard Turner gasping “Alexa! Alexa!”

Damn! Turner had broken the lampcord and had scraped the tape away from his mouth. Heller whacked him again with the TASER, a solid, ten second burst.

Turner lunged at Heller and was able to catch him by his ankle and jerk his feet out from beneath him.

Turner didn't let go but was beating Heller against the floor like a rolled up towel. He was one big SOB.

Heller was used to falling. That was just one of those things that happen in construction. Footing is dicey and sometimes you tumble.

Heller rolled when Turner yanked his feet out from beneath him and was able to partially cushion his fall. Between impacts, Heller was able to pull out his Glock, and aiming down, parallel to the leg Turner was holding, was able to drill a round right through Turner's bicep. Heller had been holding the handgun "Gangstra" style so the bullet hit at the same elevation but slightly to the right of his aim-point

His ulna shattered, Turner moaned and released Heller and Heller rolled away from Turner.

Shaking his head, Heller realized that he was going to have to modify the plan he and Shannon had worked out and he had so laboriously practiced.

Heller was shaking like a leaf. He took twenty seconds to do some deep breathing to calm himself. Then he forced himself to look for the spent, brass casing that his firearm had ejected.

Then he walked over to the sound-system and found Detroit's heavy-metal station and turned it up loud. If anybody outside the house had heard the shot, maybe they would think it was WRIF.

Then Heller went to the next item on his list; searching Turner’s office for hidden data storage devices.

Heller had found two offices in his initial scouting of the house. He went back to the office that had contained the laptop that was still running.

Heller popped the covers off of all of the power outlets and the light-switch. As expected, he found several SD cards tucked behind the cover of the wall-switch for the light.. The palm-sized power screwdriver he had brought with him was able to yank the cover in less than two seconds.

Heller left the covers on the floor. He was wearing nitrile gloves and knew he wasn't leaving finger prints.

Walking through the living-room, Heller stripped several of the cushions from the furniture and dumped them beside the kitchen range. Then he pushed the kitchen chairs up, next to the piled cushions.

Heller switched the bit on his power screwdriver to a #1 Philips head and pulled the bottom-cover from the computing devices. He cut the wires with his dykes and dropped the hard-drives and Solid State Storage devices into his backpack/”Pizza delivery” bag.

One-by-one he dropped the stripped laptops on top of the cushions around the stove.

Consulting the notebook taped to his wrist, he pulled the bottle of sports-drink he had picked up from the trash barrel at the ride-share parking lot where he had parked the truck. He pulled a tumbler out of the cupboard, and holding the bottle upside-down, he loosened the cap and squeezed some water out, into the tumbler. Then he dipped his nitrile, gloved finger into the drink and made a “lip mark” on the rim of the tumbler. Then he carefully put the tumbler into the empty dishwasher, top rack, front-left corner and closed the door.

He next pulled out a bag of dust he had “lifted” from a vacuum cleaner at the job-site in Livonia and shook it all around the house but most heavily in the kitchen and around the moaning Turner. Heller was wearing gloves and a woman’s nylon stocking to flatten his features. He had also greased his face and hair to help capture hair and dandruff but it was inevitable that he would leave some tiny amount of dander behind. The best plan he could come up with was to flood the crime scene with dander from an office building where hundreds of people worked and did business.

Heller put a frying pan on the range next to where he had fillet-out the laptops. He found a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil after rummaging around the almost empty cupboards. He filled the pan to the brim and turned the burner onto its highest heat. Once ignited, the oil would boil over and ignite the cushions and gutted computing devices.

Consulting his list, he only had two more items to check off.

He checked Turner’s neck and saw a lanyard. He cut the lanyard that secured the thumb-drive to Turner and removed it.

Yelling into Turner's ear so he was sure to hear over the loud music, Heller said "This is for Dusty". Those were the only words Heller said since entering the house.

Then Heller knee-capped Turner, shooting down through his right and left lower femurs. Repositioning, Heller destroyed Turner's other elbow. He had already shot Turner and didn't think he would be in any worse trouble for shooting him three more times...providing Turner didn't die. Heller collected the spent cases, Heller put them into his fanny-pack.

Heller stuffed a 16th century, Chinese jade figurine in the door to leave it propped open. It was not his intention to murder Turner. Dead people are quickly forgotten. A former football star in a wheelchair, an athlete who cannot even wipe his own ass is much more memorable.

Ninety seconds later, Heller was loping north, across the golf course of the Simpson Ridge Country Club toward the Honda 300 he had stashed in a clump of evergreens. His path was illuminated by the newly-risen half-moon. He was four minutes behind schedule.


  1. Well I didn't expect that. Big curve ball, big risk. Allan

    1. Very much enjoying the thickening plot development, the "nuggets" of wisdom and expansion of seemingly unrelated characters remind me of Unintended Consequences. SteveO

  2. Wow, that took some real thought writing all of those details. Thank you.

  3. Hot diggity! Now, who in the movie business has the cojones to make this film, and the intelligence to make it as written without screwing up the original?

  4. ERJ, I now feel like you have this whole secret background and past you have not written about at all...very gripping stuff. I am now even more curious where this is going.

    1. I just hope it doesn't stop dead in it's tracks....

  5. Revolver showers don't have to search for their brass.

  6. Replies
    1. That is why revolvers make good shower guns. No brass to slip on, allowing a fellow to complete his shower in peace before having to remove the target.

  7. Great story! Okay, noob question here... any way of defeating ballistics on the bullets?
    Stay safe

    1. Glock barrels don't have traditional lands and grooves. They've polygonal rifling so harder (not impossible) for matching. But... New Glock barrel approx. $50 USD, extractor about $10 USD. Swap in, do whatever, replace with originals. Polish the ejector tip and firing pin tip with #400 sandpaper, take a stainless steel brush to back of ejection port. Dispose of old barrel and extractor in some remote field, push deeply down into ground.

    2. Heller kept all his brass, no extractor or firing pin marks to match, so he just has to drop in a new barrel and dispose of the old one. I'm sure he knows about some concrete pours in the area that could use an extra bit of rebar...


    1. Too late. What he should have done was bought a spare barrel and used that one in the shooting. Then, dispose of the replacement barrel and re-install the old one.

      I recall reading about someone that had a Browning P35 Hi Power and used the original barrel to shoot someone and destroyed that ... which the Police could prove that a new barrel had been installed and was not original to the gun.

      You have got to be sneaky if you are going to indulge in such shenanigans.

  9. Mark beat me to it... LOL Well done bit of execution, if you will.


  10. Dispose of the gun.

    Preferably, the entire gun one piece at a time in a multitude of places where they will be, preferably, unfound or unrecoverable if they are. Very deep water works, very deep salt water works better (especially one piece every 15 minutes at 20 knots once you're out of sight of land), a smelting furnace works best. Some recommend just swapping the barrel, but...metallurgy. Labs are getting really good at analysis nearly down to the molecular level. If the caliber is 9MM, that's .3550", so a 3/8 (.3750") bit will erase rifling, but...metallurgy. A 9MM case is .3910" in diameter so 13/32" (.40625") will trash the chamber so case striations cannot be compared, but.....metallurgy.

    It ain't a family heirloom, it's a specific tool for a specific task and it is disposable. Re-use is particularly contraindicated. Dispose of it. Buy another one on the street. The number of cases that get solved months and years later because someone kept the gun is a much larger number than you can imagine. It may get traded to person X who trades it to Y who trades it to Z who trades it to.......But working an evidence chain and breaking it down is just time consuming, not impossible,.

    Pro Tip: Whatever street buy you replace it with, extra points for: 1) verifying it's not on a stolen list, and; 2) you put a new unused barrel in it., and; 3) you dispose of that one after it's been used.

    If it's absolutely, positively "cold" as verified by the serial number, then you might be able to replace the innards - slide, barrel, spring, to defeat metallurgy, but....then there's DNA. Unless it goes through a pretty intense high temperature solvent bath there might be a single particle of someone else's DNA on it, and even if that DNA came from something years ago and completely unrelated, that's just another evidence chain to work.

    Fucketh not with penalty-laden uncertainty, dispose of it. Properly.

    1. Forgot to add this, it should be a given, but just in case there's someone, somewhere who's so dim as to be cluelss about it......LEAVE YOUR $@&# PHONE AT HOME WHEN DISPOSING OF THE PARTS AND PIECES.

  11. That was vicious and cold-bloodedly ruthless. The target deserved it. Heller will be unavoidably changed by his actions though.

    Nice work with all the distractors and false leads.

    Good recovery when things got off track. Nothing ever goes exactly to plan.

    As "Anonymous" said: "dispose of the gun". The entire gun. In widely scattered pieces. Use a Dremel to drill out the serial numbers on each piece if there is no way to melt them down.

    It is worthwhile to drill out the barrel and landings as Alan says. Just a precaution to improve the odds.

    Concentrated vinegar or other acid bath will destroy DNA traces on the plastic bits. It will also erase the remnants of the serial numbers which can still leave traces in the metal after they have been drilled out of the surface. The serial number on the plastic bits can simply be removed and destroyed separately.

    Rust is your friend here. Melting the weapon down is the best solution. But the entire weapon has to go.

    I wonder what Heller and Shannon are going to find in that collection of data.

    1. With regard to Heller being changed by the experience...maybe not as much as you assume.

      It should be obvious that I don't make up these characters out of my head. I start with somebody I know as a starting point. The "real" Heller was violently mugged when he was 14. "Heller's" perception was that the cops blew it off...."What do you were in the wrong part of town".

      Something the Left has given no thought to is that their Woke crime policies leave victims with no closure. I don't want to call them broken-people...but they are changed people and not all of them change in the same way.

      Some of them become brittle and unpredictable.

      They might be very capable of doing what Heller did in the story. They were already changed.

    2. I’ve mulled on this for 3 days and still have a problem with Hellers behavior. We can justify stealing “ stuff” to support our “cause” but maiming someone just didnt set well with me. I also found it interesting that most of the comments about the shooting revolve around disposing of the evidence, only Robert addressed the behavior. About evidence, I’m sure you know as a Michigan resident that ifHeller has legal possession of that pistol, its registered.

    3. Agreed. And why is Heller committing these vicious cold-blooded crimes in the first place? It ain't his fight. White-knighting for the pussy, as all men are supposed to do, even if it costs a lifetime in prison?

  12. I hope it wasn’t a mistake on Heller’s part to break his silence at the end of the operation.

  13. Thanks to all who addressed the ballistics question. Jeff Schwarz(sp?) wrote an online novel called 'The Consultant' in the '90s. The protagonist used a Glock and the barrel swap-and -grind the innards procedure. I just wanted corroboration.
    Stay safe


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