Friday, March 31, 2023

Layout of 2023 garden (subject to change)


For a sense-of-scale, the fenced garden is 65' on a side.The house is to the northeast of the garden.

The food growing area becomes progressively less groomed as one moves away from the house.

The wildlife travel corridor is about 65' wide and extends to the rear of the property along the west edge of the parcel.

The west edge of the orchard are "standard" sized pear trees, as much to provide a wind-break as to provide fruit.

Berries in northwest corner are primarily elderberries.

The orchard is currently alternating rows of dwarf fruit trees and grape-vines.

Ratio of nightshades, corn, fallow is 5-3-5. I can see that watering the nightshades will be a challenge. I will probably need a booster pump to have enough pressure to run impact sprinklers.

Tree nursery is shrinking.


  1. Is the Hazel hedge, the location of the new hedgerow under the power lines?

    1. This is the "old" hazel hedge. It runs east-west. The new food-hedge is along the east property line and runs north-south and hazel will be a small component in that hedge.

  2. Replies
    1. I'd also like to hear more about the booster pump. Our "new house" is running of the well from the "old house" and with over 1,000 feet of 1" water line, and about 20 feet increase in elevation, our water pressure and volume is adequate for household needs, but impact sprinklers won't operate at all, we have to make do with soaker hoses.

  3. That is a really fine asparagus patch.. ---ken


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