Thursday, March 2, 2023

Living the dream



Zeus plays with his toys. He throws them and then chases them around the living room. He buries them beneath his sleeping mat and then digs them out.

That makes them more attractive to Quicksilver. She has a box of scientifically designed, educational, age-appropriate children's toys. She wants the ones Zeus is playing with.

Quicksilver is crawling now (just turned 9 months old) and steals Zeus's toy.

Zeus gently retrieves it.

He must be getting tired of the game. He has the tire-biter-bone tucked under his chest.

Or maybe he is using the red Kong as a decoy.

Women's Body-shapes

And here we have prolific commenter Anglia


I scoff at the weather advisories for 1-1/2" of snow but anything over 6" gets my attention. The previous forecast was for 4" and rain but the projected temperature dropped a couple of degrees and now we have almost 10" predicted for tomorrow.


  1. When I was a kid, we'd joke about "pear bodies" that could sleep comfortably in a bass fiddle case. We seem to have another body type down this way. Built like a bale of cotton. And would make a decent counter weight for one, too.

    1. We call that a depth charge figure!

  2. Off topic- you are well educated and intelligent. We are building a buck stall lined in OSB that has a waxy finish. Should we add additional wax to the walls to protect it from the goat pee. They will pee on themselves and get it all over (I assume). We are new to this farming thing. Everyone I know around here just leaves them outside. I want protection from predators so they will go in at night. Horror stories abound around here.

  3. Name is Brenda. I forgot it would say anonymous. I read your blog every day. Love it!! Great stories!!

  4. Your buck is gonna bust it all up. Could line it with calf panels. Just paint the osb with cheap paint. Woody

    1. That’s true. He is disbudded so hopefully he won’t bust it up. We’ll start with beeswax.

  5. Since when could the weatherman predict the weather. On December 30 the forecast for New Years Eve was heavy rain. By 4 am on New Years Day I had 2.5 feet of snow in my driveway. And they've been wrong more often than right ever since then.


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