Saturday, March 25, 2023

Daily-news induced indigestion

Pentagon determines Seven-year-olds mature enough to cut off their junk

Can one assume that they are also old enough to register for the draft?

Pelosi denied communion

'Bout time

French Gov't workers riot over Macron raising retirement age

Presumes they are working while employed.

Tornados kill at least 21 in Mississippi

My prayers are with you

90% of Chicago 3rd Graders not capable of reading at grade-level

7% of Chicago is Asian. Wanna bet they are underrepresented in the 90%? Asian parents take personal-ownership of their children's education and don't "throw it over the fence".

Clinton official's death caused by "software glitch" in plane's controls

Welcome to the internet of everything. Control systems compare (subtract) the actual state to the desired state and make corrections based on that computation. Changing one "minus" to a "plus" in a hundred-thousand lines of code can make it blow up.

Husband with eight prior felonies stabs wife to death at Bible study

The best predictor of violence is a prior history of violence. Gang-tats on the neck are a close second.

Florida NAACP tries to torpedo Florida's tourist industry, tells Blacks to "Stay Home"

Miami Beach thanks them

Biden says "Banks in pretty good shape"

Thanks, Gilligan

Kyrsten Sinema says Democrats are "a bunch of old dudes eating Jello"

What a legacy: Killing unborn babies, maiming children, manufacturing new species of victims and destroying manufacturing...and eating Jello.


  1. There was a bullshit "study" that showed crime went up in the cities that hosted NRA meetings.

    "Florida NAACP tries to torpedo Florida's tourist industry, tells Blacks to "Stay Home"

    Hmmmmmm, let's check those numbers out !!!!

    Miami Beach thanks them

    1. Yeah, you saw the same videos of the, ummm, youths, hanging out outside the hotel I did.

  2. This just in: JELLO sues Kyrsten Sinema for deformation of character.

  3. Many Texas elementary schools no longer teach spelling. Wonder why School kids can't read to level? ( I asked why....the teacher I talked to stated she WANTED to teach spelling but was informed by school administration that due to spell check it wasnt needed any longer.)

  4. I have a friend in Chicago.... nobody sends their kids to CPS. Well, one part of the population uses the public school system, anyone with a brain sends their kids to private schools.
    Which is interesting in light of groot losing re-election, as most of the assembly are all teachers union employees! Zing!

  5. In a sane society, many of these would be Babylon Bee fodder. In point of fact, they are all too horribly true.


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