Wednesday, November 30, 2022

This and that

Playing with a new toy

I purchased an electric fence tester and fiddled with it today. What a nice tool! 

My only gripe so far is that I have to keep the unit warm to keep the 2032 battery happy.

Just goofing around I found a couple of issues. I am still baffled by a neutral wire that reads as having 300V which is weird.

I found a tag end of wire that was touching the hot-wire and some hot-wire that was touching the ground.

Another puzzler was some poly baling twine that I had used to tie up a hot wire and it was conducting electricity. Maybe some moisture or bird-poop made it conductive? Distilled water is essentially non-conductive so maybe it was irons ions that washed out of the support.

That adds another maintenance item to my list of things to do; to cut all of the poly-twine supports and tie-in a real (ie, one that will not retain moisture) insulator.

The wire on the ground was caused by a deer squeezing between the hot-wire (bottom) and a ground wire (with deer hair on it!!!). I assume the deer's timing was sub-optimal and it got poked by the fence. It took off like a top-fuel drag-racer and left hair on the fence and a wire on the ground.


I found myself needing some 35mm ID by 2mm CS, silicone rubber O-rings. I finally found some that were in nitrile. I also found some that I think are the right dimension that are used in breast-pumps. I ordered both and they will arrive within the week.

The other options were all shipping out of China and delivery times are on the order of a month.

Recovery times

I was supposed to run today but it is very windy outside AND it looks like I need two days of recovery between runs. My Plantar's Fascitis is flaring up and I need to get religion about stretching.

Southern Belle

Southern Belle is working a few side gigs while she is up here.

That gives me the early morning shift with Quicksilver.


  1. High impedance joint in the neutral line...

  2. I'm roughly the same age as you. I keep my plantar fascitis in check by stretching my calves every day. But when it flared up badly a couple of years ago, this helped:

  3. I think this is the part you are looking for:

    This company is local to me, but I have no relationship with them.

    1. Try McMaster-Carr. Mcmaster dot Com. Same day shipping.

  4. Good luck and sometimes those new tools actually work!

  5. So what and how are you stretching to mitigate Plantar's Facitis? Roger

    1. Thanks. That is generally the path I am on.

  6. I had plantar fascitis and had orthotics fitted by a podiatrist. In the interim he had me buy an insert called Super Feet Blue. The inserts helped me greatly. The podiatrist also had me freeze a 16.9 oz bottle of water daily and roll it back and forth under my feet prior to bed. For me, that was also effective.

  7. Would using nylon wire ties instead of cordage prevent the conduction problem? I've found that the fibers in cordage of almost any type hold water. Then again, wire ties, even the so-called "UV resistant" ones need periodic replacement when in constant sunlight.


  8. I didn’t have plantar fasciitis, just fallen arches. Podiatrists and custom insoles did not help. Superfeet insoles, Spenco, and Powerstep insoles all worked better for me. I also use a brace to hold the foot more or less upright while sleeping. That helped a lot too.
    Southern NH

  9. Not affiliated in any way and I had to have my sis make the order because I hate ebay and Paypal, but... FootDoc40 has twice delivered orthotics that worked for my plantar when stretching and rolling and picking up marbles with bare toes didn't. Over ten years ago I had a bout and his worked. These can feel like someone slipped a golf ball in your shoe! After a year my plantar fasciitis disappeared. After a fall injured my feet again I tried everything, including steroid shots. Those work great but if you overdo it you are worse off. The doc said if that doesn't work try stem cell injections made from your own blood.
    When the overuse defeated the steroids I found FootDoc 40 again on eBay and bought again. Foot in the foam, custom footbeds. And again they are working.
    Ps; if ice water doesn't feel better than the plantar fasciitis you don't have it bad.

  10. Michigan is notorious for stray voltage problems, isn't it?

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