Wednesday, November 23, 2022

How many mobile clinics would $11B pay for?

According to this study, it costs between $300,000 per year and $2,500,000 per year to run a mobile clinic. That cost includes depreciation.

If you zoom in on primary and primary/preventative care then the range is between $500,000 and $800,000 per year. If you go with the high cost and the average of 4000 patients per year then you end up with a cost of $400 per visit, with all costs in.

The study estimates that mobile clinics have the potential to save roughly $35 for every dollar invested for every Emergency Room visit that is eliminated.

$11B would pay for 13,750 mobile clinic-years.

A conversation

I gave blood today and I spent part of it sitting next to a Marine who put 20 years in the service and spent six months in Fallujah. Talk drifted toward the situation in Ukraine. I dropped the $11B = $100 of debt for every household in the US.

He made the comment that there are Vets living on the streets and under bridges who are grossly under-served. A few dollars in the right places could go a long, long way.

Then, the conversation drifted to how the pro-abortion forces started up mobile abortion clinics to patrol the state lines next to states with more restrictive abortion laws. That made the national news.

So if Illinois, for instance, is all about spending tax-payer money to serve citizens of Indiana, why can't they cough up enough dough to put 35 mobile clinics in the Chicago Metro area that focus on providing services to Vets living in Illinois? At 3.2 million households that would only cost $10 per household.

Dental care, blood glucose screening, mental-health services, basic skin-wound care, prescription maintenance, vouchers for hot meals and showers and hand out bag-lunches, discounts at martial arts dojos and gyms, warm clothes ... experiment.


  1. ERJ, the sad reality is because this actually benefits no politician, the money will not be spent. And there is not a lot of good press in that sort of quiet work.

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  2. Sadly, for some it's better spend "handing Russia it's ass".

    Or paying democrats operating expenses through FTX fraud.

    When mobile abortion is more important than homeless vets and other sad situations in America...and we wonder why we are under God's judgement as per Isaiaha chapter 3.

  3. Vets don't benefit the Deep State at all. Illegals, Ukraine money laundering, the Vaxx and abortion are the viable demoncrat articles of benefit. ---ken

  4. It benefits mostly white males so never going to happen.

  5. Our money spent here on Americans serves Americans. Our money sent overseas as "aid" comes back to America laundered into the pockets of politicians and the liberal elite. THAT is why we have "foreign aid" for everyone and crickets for needy Americans.

  6. As has been pointed out before me, as always, Qui bono?

  7. That would counter their plans for making Vets dead/impotent.
    Tree Mike

  8. Speaking of blood donations, the Red Cross is not segregating blood supply between vaxxed and unvaxxed. Until they understand what the mRNA treatment has done to people, and why autopsies are showing so strange things in vaccinated people who "died suddenly" it may be very dangerous to get blood transfusions out of general supplies.