Saturday, November 26, 2022

I'll show you mine if you show me your's

Each block is about 3000 square-feet in area

On my list as potential varieties to trial in next year's garden:

Baker Seed Company

Johnny’s seeds

Territorial Seeds


  • Sweet Red Roaster pepper 
  • Nadapeño
  • Thunder Mountain Longhorn pepper
  • Joe's Long Cayenne pepper
  • Sandia hot pepper
  • Wilson Sweet watermelon

This list is a living document and changes from week-to-week.

Belladonna's boyfriend is fond of hot foods and he volunteered to help evaluate the hotter peppers. The Cayenne types will be isolated by distance from the sweet peppers as they are the same species.

Items with an asterisk are varieties that were grown in the past and I liked them.

Miscellaneous notes:

I was surprised nobody suggested any scent-hounds for the trip across America. No love for Coon Hounds?

Running: I ran 1.5 miles Wednesday and Friday. I am up to a blistering (sarcasm font) 14 minute miles. I intend another 1.5 mile run on Sunday and then will ratchet up to 2.0 miles on Tuesday, weather permitting.

I figure that being even more over-weight than I already am will be harder on my joints than a little bit of running. That, and running is supposed to be good for the ticker.


  1. Walking is less stressful on the joints and a slight cutback on the intake will also help, ask me how I know.

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  2. I have grown the North Georgia Candy Roasters here in EastTN 3 years now. Good stuff, they would make it up there, maybe start seedlings inside? Hybridize easily, so I buy fresh seed every year.
    I think my 'travelling' comment came after this topic was published, but Malinois' are drug dogs... My breeder also trains them to detect bedbugs! I can throw 'his' stick anywhere in the woods around our place... ANYWHERE, and he'll have it back in less than 5 minutes (and sometimes 'his' stick is a little 4" nub of a tree root). I don't know how he would compare to a bloodhound.

  3. I have been a fan of "Jimmy Nardello's" sweet peppers. They're built a bit like Hungarian wax/cayenne, but sweet like a bell pepper.

  4. For years my weight yoyos up in winter and down in summer. Can’t figure out why. But this year I’m keen on keeping it down. Am toying with the idea of eating nothing past supper. I walk, not run.

    Seed wise I’m now leaning towards more open pollinated varieties. However, since I live in Sasquatch country with cool Springs and Falls I grow my cukes and tomatoes in a greenhouse. Therefore — more limited space, so my best slicer is Socrates from Johnny’s —- trained up twine with tomato clips. Two plants yielded 140 salad cucumbers over 3.5 months.

  5. While I used to raise Bloodhounds, and love them, the Catahoula and various other curs can do multi-service as tracking, hunting, herding, camp defense dogs... just trying to be utilitarian in responding to the scenario...

    'Garden Gem' tomato has been a top performer here for years... manageable plant size, great flavor, the fruits 'hold' for a LONG time. 'Big Beef' was the top 'slicing' type tomato here this year.
    Chris Homanic's White Marrowfat Bean(from Experimental Farm Network) was the top bush-type 'shell' bean here this year, 'Kentucky Red' cowpea was a top producer, but Iron & Clay cowpeas are my consistent favorite for flavor - but they are a really aggressive viner, taking over a lot of real estate.
    Turkey Craw pole bean worked well as a dual purpose snap and shell bean this year, but is not my top pick for a strict snap green bean.
    I prefer rutabagas and collards over turnips and kale... but haven't found the rutabaga variety that works best for me yet.

  6. Grew Orange Icicle Tomatoes this last season, don't bother, they are tasteless and have no redeeming features

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  9. Misc: Any canine for a trip like that needs to know when to be quiet and how to obey commands. That eliminates virtually all hounds and beagle-like dogs. Look at the dogs the military uses ... German shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and the like.

  10. Mr. ERJ. Grow sugar beets, look like dirt near your deer tree, Woody

  11. Sweet yellow Spanish onions, Imperator carrots, russet potatoes, champion radishes, Arkansas traveler tomatoes.

  12. Sigh... Black thumb over here... I'll just live vicariously through you.

  13. I have a 12 x 24 greenhouse, 1/4 of the floor space is taken up by five shelves built on stair risers with California Wonder and Sprinter sweet peppers plus potopeno hot peppers, Hungarian Yellow Wax and Capperno warm peppers. Also some pots of herbs. Various tomato’s including Subarctic 25, Siberia, Early Tanana, Glacier and a few more totaling 25 plants in 7gal pots, various tubs with experimental stuff I’m trying and 10 hanging baskets of cucumbers over the middle. I have two 12 x24 hoop houses with a 3’ x 20’ bed in the center and30” x 24’ beds on the sides. In one I grow green and yellow bush beans (transplanted) and summer and winter squash on one side bed. If necessary I can put propane heat to ward off frost in this one. The other one gets onion plants in the center bed as I have trouble getting onions to dry down and keep outside here in Copper basin Alaska. The rest of the beds I plant with early brassicas, early carrots and lots of odds ands.
    I planted 550 linear row feet of potatoes on another plot. Behind the green house and hoop houses I have a 30’ x 60 foot patch surrounded by an 8’ fence to keep the moose out of the peas, other brassicas and beets.

  14. My greenhouses are currently populated with lots of cactus and the nearby garden beds contain more cactus. Cactus cuttings sell for far more than food does and require a pittance of the resources and labor annuals do. Why break my back in a garden when I can maintain 3-5 high-dollar cactus, sell some cuttings, and buy up someone else' produce?

    Unfortunately, the times we live in necessitate that I plant food again because the well-to-do might not always buy luxury plants. My list includes: generic yellow squash, whatever tomatoes I dig out of my old seed collection, Garlic, Red/Green lettuce, kale, etc; I'll have to pick and choose which peppers and eggplant to grow in the summer, probably Thai peppers and little sailor. Cilantro is already growing from naturalized seed. Yeah, I only grow stuff that is low-effort.

    IMHO, permaculture is the way to go and I plan on expanding in that area. Having plants that do their own thing year-round means I do very little work, if any, and merely come collect when it's harvest time. Blackberries, Prickly pears, Perimeter plants like Dasylirion Wheeleri, etc, will probably see propagation in the spring. Maybe even some more Moringa trees. Might even grow some tobacco again.

    - Arc

  15. I was surprised that your local MI Gardener wasn't on the supplier list. We have had very good crops from Luke's seeds.

  16. Have you considered adding Daikon radish? The plant has a rapid life cycle, from planting to harvest in about two months. In theory you could get two crops a year. Every part is edible, roots, greens, flowers and seeds. For storing the roots pickling is probably the best choice.

  17. Also, container grown tea. Zone 6 is the coldest tea can be grown outdoors and I see you are in 5, but it can be grown in containers kept inside over the cold months and moved outside for the warm months. Caffeine producing plants kill sap sucking insects while their flowers make pollinators more active. And the obvious advantages of guaranteed access to caffeine for personal use or trade.

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