Thursday, November 17, 2022

From our local CBS affiliate

"Now for some good news on the economy. Retail sales for October were up after a lack-luster September. Fuel and grocery sectors led the way with the largest gains."


  1. Someone sprinkling glitter on a cow pile. Fuel and groceries, at what price point? Guaranteed not cheaper than a year ago.

  2. The ONLY meaningful sales growth right now is due to inflation

  3. But back it up a moment.
    How do they justify giving you more in your paycheck (in normal times) when we expect the price of gas, milk, food, whatever to stay the same? Someone attempted to explain it to me once, but never got very far beyond "just because". The only part Someone was right about was Never move up into middle management because they will be the first fired in a downsizing.
    I, Pencil (what does it take to make a pencil) probably the closest we can get to the Unknown on how economy actually works. Will it be the bellwether of the death of society going down the ESG road that a pencil is no longer available anywhere?

  4. ERJ, you already have Fake News Friday. How about “Thick As Pig Poop” Thursday?

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