Monday, November 21, 2022

Breakfast Sausage

Image pilfered from HERE

Is there a more perfect food than breakfast sausage?

I admit that bacon is every bit as good in a different way. But cooked breakfast sausage doesn't shrink like a 60-year-old willie in thirty-below-zero weather.

It is fabulous by itself or with a classic breakfast of three eggs, over-easy, hash-browns and toast with raspberry freezer-jam. It is instant flavor in any kind of soup.

Any kind of beans can be improved with breakfast sausage...except (maybe) coffee or cocoa beans.

"Modern" people have the vapors because sausage has 20% fat but fat is essential in cold weather or when doing exceptionally heavy work. Lumberjacking and digging dirt by hand cannot be done on arugula, kale and green tea.

Same deal with salt. Heavy work makes sweat and the salt needs to be replaced.

Sausage is the near equivalent of pemmican, losing a step on the original by requiring refrigeration....or winter temperatures.

Sausage can be made from nearly any kind of meat, provided sufficient fat is added.

I was able to jolly Southern Belle and Mrs ERJ into grinding up a batch of breakfast sausage. We ended up netting 28 pounds. Southern Belle packaged them in quart freezer-bags, one pound per bag. Each lump of sausage was smashed flat and scored with a cross to to make it easy to break into 1/4 pound pieces.

We left a pound out of the freezer for "quality control" testing tomorrow morning. The recipe I used was pretty simple. On a per-pound basis I used one teaspoon of non-iodized salt, about the same of rubbed sage, a 1/4 teaspoon each of black pepper and cayenne. I also threw in some fresh sage that I had on-hand and some rosemary for the same reason. The amount of seasoning will be just a bit lighter than that because we ended up with more sausage than anticipated.

The "art" part of making sausage involves the sage. Rubbed sage can be very fluffy or it can clump...measuring a "teaspoon" is a very imprecise thing. Dried seasonings need some time to rehydrate and for the flavors to diffuse into the blend.

Expect a report tomorrow on first impressions.


  1. I've made some with ground bison, using the same spices and also a little brown sugar and some red pepper flakes. Now I gotta go make some more, I'm gonna substitute some mild gochugaru flakes for a change. Have you tried making any kimchi? I did up several batches with kohlrabi this fall post harvest. Man, that is excellent.

  2. Aye, but can ya make gravy with it? Does the ever lovely Mrs. ERJ have a family biscuit recipe?

  3. The little town I grew up in had a fireman's pancake breakfast every year. A local meat shop donated the pork sausage and it was the best !!! Just a slight crispy outside and some maple syrup on it. As much as a fan of bacon as I am, you really can't beat a great sausage patty.

  4. add a touch of brown sugar or maple syrup to really bring out the flavor.
    Just sayin'

  5. I'm a fan of sausage because there is more to it than bacon, as you said.
    Bacon is good but it takes a lot to get very far ...

  6. Does it make a difference using iodized salt?

    1. The iodine adds a metallic taste.

  7. A bit of crumbled up breakfast sausage mixed in egg and accompanied by some cheese in a tortilla - breakfast taco worth eating slowly and enjoying. The sausage grease may not be good for our pipes, but it makes up for lubricating our joints and puts a spring in our step.

    I definitely agree that when heavy labor is involved, foods like these have their benefits. I enjoy bacon, but sausage is even better.

    1. I have come to conclude the info we have been fed about fats clogging our arteries to be... less than 100% truthful. With all due respect to our commenter, I have taken the position that the medical field must prove to me, and me alone, beyond a reasonable doubt in my mind alone, that the proscribed treatment option is both vital and necessary.
      Sorry, but as an entire industry, y'all fucked yourselves on the Kung Flu.... clap dance on tik tok to pay your student loans. IDGAF!

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  9. Sounds like a lovely activity to do together ERJ. That said, I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that, given a choice, I am a bacon guy.

    As to fat - it is of benefit for the sort of manual labor that our species has traditionally engaged in (and up to early last century, almost exclusively engaged in). The problem is not the food, it is us - and I would argue that our magical world of artificial food, fillers, and flavors is of far more danger than a little fat.

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