Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Fine Art Tuesday


S Curve Manistee River
Today's artist is Jeffrey Randolph Bond, an artist who lives somewhere near Grayling, Michigan. He gave me permission to post some of his pictures.

Mr Bond is notable for his eye for color and for producing pictures that are not fussy.

I like that he includes enough detail that I can identify many of the bushes and trees and even make a stab at the exact time of year when he painted the picture.

North side Memorial Building, Hartwick Pines

Mr Bond captures the sullen light of our cloudy, Michigan winters. He is spot-on for the grays of snow that thawed and then refroze, creating ankle-breaking hazards for walkers young-and-old.

Beaver Dam Across Upper Manistee River. Painted from the back of a canoe.

I asked a couple of buddies to look at his work and see if any of the images spoke to them. i was surprised that there was no over-lap between the three of us.

Coyote Ken, another Michigan guy, selected

Lucas from Nova Scotia picked these

Mr Bond's art can be viewed, and purchased here:

Plein Air Landscape Wall Art
Still Life & Floral Wall Art
Studio Landscape Wall Art


  1. I really enjoyed looking at Mr. Bond's art. It was hard to pick favorites. But my favorite by far was the end of the day kicked off old work boots and the glass of beer because that is a painting of a part of my daily life for over 50 years. It really resonated. Thanks for sharing that with me. ---ken

  2. Thanks for sharing Mr. Bond's artwork ERJ. It really is lovely. My favorite of the works presented is the beaver dam, but that may be just because of the novelty as well as his skillful rendering (no beavers around here).

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  4. I like Mr. Bond's work. Looks like home, although he paints areas that are South of here. I really like the ones that are of the Manistee River, a beautiful river to canoe, and a nice place to hike.

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