Monday, November 14, 2022


 In some circles, it is widely accepted that today's men have less testosterone than in days of yore.

There is no shortage of factors to consider.

Two factors that don't get a lot of air-time are Testosterone/Estrogen ratios and the effect of non-alpha maleness.

Many biological chemistry issues are related to ratios rather than absolute levels. It might be ok to have a high "bad cholesterol" level if you have a very high "good cholesterol" level.

Some foods are high in chemicals that mimic estrogen. Soybeans are the prime example. It may be that it is the ratio of Testosterone to Estrogen that is important. The appellation "soy-boy" may have something to it.

The second consideration is that studies of wolf-packs show that the alpha-male has significantly higher testosterone than lower-status, male wolves. It is reasonable to suppose that a society that lionizes "ball-busters" should not be surprised if many of its males exhibit symptoms consistent with low Testosterone.

The plasticity of social animals continues to amaze. Verbally kicking a man in the gonads has the same effect as physically damaging them.

Ball-busters hate those of us who do not submit to their dominance games. A man is best judged by looking at the quality of those who count him as their enemy.


  1. Growling / primal screaming more, lifting heavy objects, eating clean, sprinting, and avoiding xeno-estrogens tend to help boost testosterone levels; at least back when I still read T-nation, that was the latest research.

    There are indeed far too many factors and it's likely a culmination of several over 1-2 generations that have landed us here. Excess testosterone gets converted to estrogen, this is part of why men should be using an aromatase inhibitor on their juice cycles. There are also plenty of natural foods that help inhibit aromatase. Cruciferous, Aliums, etc, although not a substitute when using enhancements.


  2. Body fat lowers testosterone. Many kids nowadays are just plain fat. Heck, the ones who aren't considered fat nowadays would have been considered chubby when I was a kid. Walk around Walmart sometime. We've become a nation of waddling pachyderms.

  3. Diet and exercise can do a lot. Brett McKay over at The Art of Manliness used himself as an experiment and was able to show an improvement using just those two changes.

  4. I read an article concerning plastics leaching out industrial estrogens especially when they get hot or sit in the sun . Being of a paranoid nature concerning modern technology I avoid anything in plastic containers and don't nuke food in plastic . Matter of fact I still don't trust nukes[microwaves] and avoid using them unless in a bind . I may be paranoid but the old testosterone level is still adequate .

  5. There is a huge can 'O worms there, you sure you want to kick that open?
    Short answer is yes, there are many factors, both physical (diet, chemicals, etc.) as well as environmental (societal trends lets call them?)
    The reflection on tee vee shows is telling. Does art (blech, sorry...) reflect life or does life reflect art? Little from column A, little from column B?

    1. Yep, art does go both ways. A lot of my own art is a reflection of life, and characters are given shards of my own personality; but I also try to cultivate my life with the ideal I put into art.

      - Arc

  6. Yep, can of worms is right... And I'd say not only the quality of enemies, but the quality of friends...

  7. Lifting heavy things, explosive exercise movements, diet and getting with your lady on a regular basis all keep T levels up. I find at age 52 that my performance against much younger men at the jiu jitsu gym is on par if I apply the above formula. When I deviate from said formula for any length of time I get my a** handed to me. Your mileage may vary.

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