Monday, July 25, 2022

Who is picking up the trash in MD?

Several years ago I was assured by a couple who lived just outside the DC Beltway that all of the menial jobs in the tony, Washington D.C. suburbs that are home to the Federal elites were done by people who commuted from West Virginia or the rural areas well west of Hagerstown.

I assume they have the same transportation issues Kubota has. If they start dropping out of the DC menial labor pool because they cannot afford to drive 100-to-150 miles round trip, then who will pick up the trash and sort the recycleables?

I wonder what kind of real-time indicators would show up in the news: Recycling centers closing? Help wanted? More restrictions on what can be put in the trash? Shifting from weekly to bi-weekly collection?


  1. They still have the big 40 yards sectional dumpsters in every tony neighborhood around these parts for the "good " people to recycle their plastics,paper,and metals in exchange for some good feelz . When it is full they run it all over to the landfill and dump the whole thing into the dirt . Makes the "Good " people feel good so tptb keep up the game .

  2. Those "Tony" people didn't know what they're talking about. Not every suburb surrounding DC are home to Federal elites. Most of them are populated by wage slaves...the garbage men, the cops, the office weinie drones and other various low to medium wage earners.

  3. While some people do commute that far, in my experience they are office workers and military (I used to live in northern MD and knew a few people who cummuted to DC area)

  4. Funny, this came up recently. I was in Martinsburg, WV, visting my father. In his neighborhood, about 30% are directly or indirectly employed by Uncle Sam. Another 30% work in supporting organizations (still technically private, but wouldn't even exist without FedGov).
    The swamp is big and large.

  5. That may have been true in 1960, but all those jobs are now done by illegals.


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