Saturday, July 2, 2022

Punitive much?

"Suffer, American bitches!". That is how our over-lords define their mission


  1. Got your "liberal world order" right here you @#$%^&* @##$%^&.

  2. ERJ, this (in a rather perverse way) is helpful. No-one can now mis-interpret the intention that everyone else must suffer for non-national emergency national emergency. If I were a political advisor, this just became the central portion of my campaign messaging.

    1. If Democrats were trying to destroy America, would would they be doing different?

  3. I used to laugh at all those Q conspiracy theorists and the blanket “It must happen this way” quotes, but …

    I’ve always known how tainted, perverted and corrupted so many in the establishment were, and whilst most were totally oblivious, how many in wider society were ‘good with’ that (as long as it was by ‘people like them’), but even I have watched in amazement (and dread) at the last two years as they reveal themselves (not just the extent, far wider than even I suspected, but the extremism. I suspect Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot are watching from the flames going “Wow, they’re a bit extreme”).

    The last two years have been a … revelation. Would you, honestly, have suspected half of what we now see openly revealed (often gloatingly admitted) had they not publicly exposed themselves? Now consider the average Joe/Jill in the street – even they cannot deny what they see with their own eyes. No-one, myself included, would have accepted what now see is, not just necessary, but essential for us to do to survive.

    Isn’t the old saw “admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it”? We, wider society, now ‘knows’ what (and thanks to their behaviour – who) the problem is.

    So, maybe we did need it to happen this way. What comes next and, crucially, whether we have the grit to deal with the problems is up in the air (and I suspect will be what we are judged for by future generations).

  4. Its why we're going to have to shoot them. Shoot them all and let God sort it out

  5. So is it fair to perceive Deese's comment as tacit admission that the *administration can do something about high energy prices?
    They can, but refuse to do so because they must 'stand firm'.

  6. Well, are you gonna draw those pistols or just whistle dixie?

  7. from the outlaw josie wales, speaking to us today


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