Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Too many migrants in D.C.?

May I propose HERE, HERE and HERE as alternative drop-spots.

That way our betters can have their own pagan-babies*.

*In the play Patent Leather Shoes Reflect Up, the protagonist sets a record in collecting donations for the missions. He labored under the belief that "saving pagan babies" meant that if he drummed up enough of other people's money, he could buy his very own pagan-baby.


  1. Meh, fill 'er up. Ms. Bowser can then virtue signal her little heart out.

  2. At Holy Trinity Catholic School, I recall the going rate for pagan babies was $5. Sister Mohra strong armed us out of nickels and dimes till the class coughed up the amount. Never did see even a picture of our purchases. They would all be in their sixties now.

  3. Nope, not enough. They've created the problem, let them deal with it.

  4. Well chosen, sirrah, although I'd add the Miracle Mile in Chiraq, Sen Chuckie's district and Sen Mittens Romney's home town. But since we will still have leftover DREAMERs might I suggest Maine, Seattle and Kalamazoo? Fun for every progressive district....

  5. Think you have a winner of an idea. Hoiwever, getting execution might raise a bit of trouble.


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