Tuesday, July 12, 2022


Today was a big day for fencing.

We often watch Judge Judy when we are with Mom and I am amazed at the percentage of cases she hears which involves pets.

It is as if people see pets as their alter-ego or avatar. When you own animals large enough to total a car, there is no ambiguity of responsibility. I am responsible for that animal even if I am banged up and lacking mobility.

At one point, I was working on the woven wire fence behind the hot wire and in my haste and enthusiasm I sort of forgot the one wire was hot. Test everything. Keep what is good. Hope that nobody heard that bad word(s) that may have slipped out.

I have a very good fence energizer so even though there was a great deal of grass that had grown up and semi-buried the lower wire.

So much of today involved walking the perimeter fence-line and using the bill-hook to shorten the grass so it did not touch the lowest wire and cutting vines and nettles.

Tomorrow I will dump the perimeter fence around the back paddock. That will make the front paddock even hotter and I will be able to work on the back paddock without having to say bad words.

Trial run at being 85

My impaired mobility is a decent simulation of what it will be like to try to keep the place up when I am in my mid-80s.

For instance, I was in one of the barns and I heard sheet-metal slapping. The only sheet metal is on the roof. Today it was not windy so I could not go looking for the issue but it is on my list of things to do.

Entropy: Rust, rot, depreciation, weeds, allergies, fatigue, erosion, wear-and-tear, wild animals, under-supervised children, entitled adults, gossip, drama, combustion, water intrusion....getting old.

To quote Josie Wales, "Buzzards gotta eat, too"


  1. Stay off the roof, us old folks don't bounce like we used to.

  2. Inadvertently touching the hot wire gives me a sudden case of Tourette's, complete with words Miriam Webster wouldn't recognize.


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