Friday, July 8, 2022

Davos elites and their political puppets recoil in horror

It is being reported that former Japanese Prime Minister Abe has been assassinated by a malcontent armed with a "home-made shotgun".

Not an "assault rifle".

Not a hunting rifle.

Not a semi-automatic handgun or a revolver.

Not a commercially made shotgun.

Abe was killed with a "home-made shotgun" and based on the smoke in the video, there is a reasonable chance that the killer did not use commercially manufactured ammunition.

I am speculating here, but Abe may have been killed by a length of pipe purloined from a piece of lawn furniture or black iron pipe lifted from a building site, 30 grams of steel nuts, 10 grams of home-made blackpowder or flashpowder harvested from commercial fireworks, a cell-phone battery and a wisp of fine steel-wool.

The human mind is the ultimate weapon.

They can ban every commercially manufactured weapon. They can attempt to squash 3-D printed technology. They can ban ammo and components. They can ban the sale of oxidizers like swimming pool sanitizer and they can ban powdered sugar.

But it will not matter.

The human mind is the ultimate weapon. And if they generate enough hate they will not be able to avoid push-back.

Karma sucks, but only if you suck first.


  1. bangladeshi officials were torn limb from limb, by hand, during recent food riots there. no weapons required except as you say the mind.

  2. The reason they will fail is that they focus on the weapon, not the person. It is impossible to take away every weapon from people.
    Look at how many weapons are found in prisons, supposedly the most secure of places and the most controlled of populations.

  3. They can try, but they can't ban everything.

  4. Just wait until those high tech weapons they shipped over to Afghanistan and Ukraine make it back over here . I'm thinking that as quickly as they tore down and mopped up the Guidestones some may have already made it here . They sure were in a hurry to get that place cleaned up .

  5. The ugly reality is that the criminals in power DO NOT CARE if an occasional malcontent manages to manufacture a crappy home made firearm and kill someone....even if that someone was a former Prime Minister. Such people and such weapons pose NO THREAT to their grasp on power. And neither do they don't care if criminals have or can get guns. It's YOU AND ME that they are scared of so it's YOU AND ME they must disarm.


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