Sunday, July 17, 2022

No! Tell me it isn't so.



The Serbian manufactured landmines were being transported by a Ukrainian cargo plane to Bangladesh.

Serbia, Ukraine and Bangladesh all signed the Ottawa Treaty which outlawed the manufacturing of anti-personnel mines and mandated the destruction of inventory within four years of signing the treaty. Ukraine was the last of the three to have ratified the treaty and that was in 2005.

So the Biden Administration is giving Ukraine money to buy arms which they immediately turn around and peddle to other third-world states...the plane not even landing in Ukraine...and then the Ukrainian warlords pocket the proceeds, less 10% for "the big guy".

Is the Biden Administration's motivation for funding the Ukrainian conflict becoming clearer?


  1. Biden
    all have entanglements with the CORRUPT Ukes.
    Yeah, I wonder why we are there......

  2. Before the Russian invasion made Ukraine a lovable spunky little underdog, it was the most corrupt country in Europe. So this surprises me as much as the fact that the sun came up this morning. We're handing billions of dollars to a kleptocracy, but we're supposed to not notice it.

    1. " ... it was the most corrupt country in Europe"

      including when it was run as a wholly owned subsidiary of Moscow (as is every other former Soviet bloc country. you honestly believe Belarus of any of the 'stans are any better?) - there's a common denominator there but I just can't put my finger on it.

      We're (publicly) noticing now only because whilst the leftists (that'll be the ones eternally aligned with Marx and Moscow) have always used these countries to launder their filthy lucre, it's become a 'thing' only since Putin et al are not getting their cut now.

      We're being asked to assume it's a "clash of cultures", good against evil (pick your side) when in reality it's a faction fight at best.

      There are no 'good guys' (other than the man/woman on the street as victims as per usual) here.

  3. funding?...more like hush payments...blackmail so they don't spill beans...

  4. If you look at recent arms interceptions, especially those involving North Korea, you'll notice Ukrainian planes involved surprisingly often. The aircraft are often leased "wet", that is with crew and fuel, and sometimes the crew doesn't know what they're flying.
    Illicit weapons cargoes are being moved more and more by dedicated flights due to close scrutiny on ships and trains

  5. A forensic accounting of all the aid we send Ukraine would disclose enough to topple the US government, so it will never happen. Our rulers are intent to give us the mushroom treatment - feed us only horseshit and keep us in the dark.

    If I didn't think J6 was an FBI false flag setup designed to lure the gullible, I'd celebrate that day like July 4th.

  6. I'm really curious as to who else is involved in this - dementia Joe cannot be running the biz all by his lonesome, he ain't got the brainz for it no more. Dr Jill, maybe? Hunter?'s way beyond them, too.

    That said, all of Washington, D.C. is so corrupt it is beyond belief, cure or redemption; it seems 330 million people live in America only to support and legitimize the stunningly corrupt regime in D.C., and that regime is completely independent of both political parties because both are involved up to their eyebrows, either by direct involvement or condoning it.

    When a country's capital becomes too corrupt to tolerate, too corrupt to save, what's the recommended course of action? How does the rest of the country proceed when it is - theoretically - under the "control" of the so thoroughly and so obviously corrupt?

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Rand Paul want to have an accounting of money and arms being sent to Ukrain, but the Dems said no?

  8. It is appearing that outside of an act of Gawd there is no saving what's left of this country . May He have mercy on us but it looks like that ole cup of trembling is next .

  9. You might be making a bit much of this. The Ukrainian cargo airline acted as a cargo shipper of the shipment from the seller in Serbia to buyer in Bangladesh and crashed in Greece on the way to Jordan.

    Cargo did not originate in Ukraine, Ukraine was not the seller, nor was this a Ukrainian governmental aircraft but instead was owned by Meridian, a private cargo company. In short, very unlikely any US foreign aid to Ukraine was involved at all and the cargo company while Ukrainian based was carrying a Serbian cargo from A to B.


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