Sunday, July 17, 2022


 Mrs ERJ was invited to a bon-fire and she elected to take me!

It was a day-and-night difference compared to the pub the night before.

We arrived at about six and the hosts were finishing up the last bit of tidying-up.

It was calm and peaceful.

Conversation meandered.

Kids were fishing from shore.

Mosquitoes were non-existent...perhaps due to the dry weather and the breeze coming off the lake.

The firewood was dry and burned with little smoke. The fire-master kept the fire medium sized and added wood as needed.

One guest showed up with dogs and they were very well behaved. The Aussie-shepherd mix showed us his trick of putting the loop-end of his leash in his mouth and then calmly parading around as if he were in a show-ring.

Food was plentiful even if there were some LP flow malfunctions with the BBQ.

If adult beverages were consumed they were consumed in moderation or there were designated drivers.

I must have behaved because Mrs ERJ brought me back home.

The downside is that I stayed up past my bedtime.


  1. Much better than your last nocturnal adventure. I like those kind myself. Nice that you have a wife that gets invited and takes you along. ---ken

  2. ERJ, we are traveling and yesterday we crossed over from the country to the city. My blood pressure and nervousness immediately shot up. Large congregations of people - especially if ill mannered or wild -simply do nothing for me anymore (as if they ever did).

  3. Those are the outings I like, pubs, taverns, bars, crowds and rowdy places and people do not interest me. I enjoy quiet and civility.

  4. Sounds great. Jim.


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