Thursday, July 21, 2022

Starline Brass


I ordered some brass directly from Starline Brass last week. It was on back-order and the only promise they made was first-come-first-serve with regard to the next production run.

I got an email yesterday informing me that the brass is on the way.

I like the fact that I don't have to keep popping open a distributor's website to see if they have my odd-ball caliber in-stock. I don't know if the week turn-around was just an accident of timing. Regardless, I have a pretty high opinion of how Starline runs their business.


  1. Starline Brass has always provided excellent service and an excellent product for me.

    1. I've bought a lot of different calibers from them and they can't be beat. But it's been a few years, so my comment may be dated.
      If I remember right shipping was free and I don't remember having to pay sales tax. They shipped very quickly (this was back in the good old days of everything being in stock) and the quality of their brass is the best.

      I did the math back then and their brass was around 30% cheaper than Remington and Winchester brass from the mail order outfits.

      I hope other people here will chime in on their opinions of Starline today.

  2. Have dealt with Stations multiple times over the years. They have always been top notch with their service.

  3. Qualified them as a second source for the case that goes into the base of an M-781 40mm Practice grenade back when I worked for a DoD contractor. Great people to work with, and a better quality product than we were receiving from Winchester/Olin who was our prime source.

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