Thursday, July 7, 2022

Big day today

I get to drive Kubota to his job in Wyoming this morning. No, not the State of Wyoming. Wyoming the suburb of Grand Rapids. He needs to be there by 7:00.

I would lolly-gag on the way back and hit Bob's Gun Shop in Hastings but they open at 9:00 and I need to be back in Eaton Rapids to pull weeds in the garden.

Then I get my intake session for Physical Therapy about noon. I think I will take a couple of Tylenol an hour before going. I have no idea how many sessions a week the therapist will recommend. It could be as few as one if he thinks walking is the best exercise. I can walk almost anywhere and don't need special facilities.

Counters. Each counter indicates 800 feet walked.

Speaking of walking, the ever-lovely-and-charming Mrs ERJ wanted to go for a walk yesterday. Before my mishap, our usual walk was three miles and it took about an hour. Yesterday we walked a mile and it took 53 minutes. That was four minutes faster than the last time I walked a mile AND I walked half of it without a cane.

Enjoyable cartoon

I have been enjoying the cartoon Rubes by Leigh Rubin. Hat-tip Lucas.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't

The cops in Uvalde, TX knew he was a threat, had the shot and did not take it.

The cops in Akron, OH knew he was a threat, had the shot and took it.

Both sets of cops are now vilified.

I expect the Akron rules-of-engagement to change. That was a butt-load of bullets going downrange and it seems improbable that every shooter was fully aware of what was behind the target. Or, other cops who might have shifted into the line-of-fire from cops who were shooting from farther back. 

The actual hit-rate was incredibly high (especially for night shooting) which suggests that most of the shots were fired from close range. That raises the specter of the infamous circular firing squad.

I wonder if Akron was a suicide-by-cop?


  1. Shucks, there is ALWAYS time to pull weeds or some required household chore. I'd stop by the shop and see if anything there strikes your fancy - you might find something there you need. Especially if on the way - saves gas.

    Yes, there must be a backstory to the Akron shooting. Firing a shot at LEOs then running away unarmed leaving firearm behind in abandoned vehicle. Very strange.

  2. re:Akron. I'm on record majority of LE goes back to revolvers because of mag-dump incidents like these. Former Ohio sheriff's deputy, would have perfectly happy with a Ruger GP100 or S&W 686. Seems to work well for the French GIGN.

  3. Akron was a FAFO....
    The injection of racial animus or overtones is done for one reason only.
    YOU drive away from the cops...
    YOU shoot at the cops while in a car chase....
    YOU bail out of said car chase in a ski mask and make a run for it...

    I'm sorry, I'm done at this point right here. Good shoot. Ammo is expensive, go easy next time.

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  5. So...are you marking distance by walking 800 feet, shooting a target, walking another 800 feet and shooting again? Could be fun! Good luck with the Physical Therapist today - they always seem to have a bunch of interesting exercises that they want their patients to do, but they DO usually help!

  6. It is the 90 rounds fired that concerns me. It is similar to the orgasm of violence videos we see when someone is caught after evading. "Emotions are high," is often mentioned.
    Now I feel it fair to expect professional behavior from professional people. It is certainly fair to hold them to the standards that untrained, inexperienced and surprised civilians are held to.

  7. I'm doing the 72 hour rule on that one. Glad you're getting better!

  8. Joe, if in your meanders through gun shops you come upon a springfield sa-35 ( their iteration of a browning hi-power) give me a holler

    1. I was so very sorry to hear of your losing the rest of your firearms in the Swan Valley Condominium fire. And that was after you lost most of them fishing for walleyes out in the Bay. Man, you have had just a terrible run of luck!

      Yes, I will keep an eye out for an SA-35 in my A-o-O


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