Tuesday, July 5, 2022

"Post something every day, even if it is stupid" they said


The folklore about oak or ash-wood stakes killing vampires supposedly originated when an epidemic, perhaps typhus, went through Central Europe. Many patients would pass into a deep coma where the state-of-the-art could not determine if they were dead or alive.

Fearful of being buried alive, airways were constructed between the lid of the coffins and the surface and a night watchman was instructed to stop at each new burial site and listen for signs of life from the air-shaft.

Poorer communities could not afford the craftsmanship of the new-style coffin or the cost of a night watchman.

One fellow who was thinking outside the box suggested "Since we fear being buried alive but not of being buried dead, wouldn't it make sense to affix a short, stout, sharp stake to the lid of the coffin and align it with the occupant's heart. Then, after the final viewing we place the lid over the coffin and have two or three hefty, young man jump on the lid to ensure it is seated. Viola! No risk of burying somebody who is un-dead!"


We got about a half-inch of rain last night. Between the fireworks and the thunder, Zeus was not a happy dog. Figuratively speaking, I slept in the dog-house last night. I sacked out on the couch and Zeus slept right beside me on the floor.


  1. I sat in the barn while most of the fireworks were being displayed and comforted my girls and I was genuinely surprised at the amount of weapons grade stuff my neighbors had spent their money on . One fellow who is a really great guy but chronically alcoholic had to have spent a grand or more . The whole crowd of his friends that came out stayed until a bit after midnight and had to have set off a trillion firecrackers . I quietly prayed for America . I am worried about her and love her .

    1. At the risk of sounding like a globalist, the herd could use some thinning...

  2. That post really raised the stakes.


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