Monday, July 18, 2022

VPOTUS Side-eye


Is it regular practice for news programs to allow politicians to have teleprompters during "news" interviews? Starting at about the 54 second mark you can see vulture-vomit Harris* shooting glances to her lower-right. The only conceivable reason for her to do that is to read her teleprompter.

If a teleprompter is allowed, isn't that considered a promotion or advertisement and the other sides should be allowed equal access? If nothing else it shows that the journalist tipped the interviewee to the questions ahead of time.

*Hat-tip to STxAR for the new nickname for Knee-pads.


  1. How do i submit a copyright? I seem to lost my paperwork...
    happy Monday!

  2. Nah... I think she's just stupid.


  3. dunno. appears to be more unconscious gesture, way someone looks down or away to collect their thoughts to make their point. watched with and without audio. you can see/hear right after looking down she does a verbal stutter in pushing her talking point.

  4. This is what happens when you pick someone because they check the politically correct boxes rather than for their competence. She's not quite a living demonstration of the Peter Principle, as she was never competent for the positions she held (having acquired them through positions one does not normally use in the workplace such as kneeling), or if she allegedly was competent at something once, she's surpassed it long, long, and many positions ago.

  5. She just said they could make abortion a Constitutional Right so government could never infringe on that right, didn't she? If That is true, then we need to see the 1968 gun law repealed along with All the Infring restrictive gun laws and make them stop trying to take our weapons.


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