Sunday, July 3, 2022

Griner and Casey


Apparently some daffy, bottom-shelf celebrity named "Griner" entered a foreign country while carrying hashish oil. The foreign country took a dim view of Griner smuggling illegal drugs into their country. They are exercising their criminal justice system against Griner and the mainstream media lost their minds.

To the best of my knowledge, nobody disputes that Griner did, in fact, smuggle hashish oil in her luggage. Nobody disputes that the laws of the foreign country are unambiguous and that hashish oil is illegal in that country and penalties for smuggling are severe.

It seems odd that the mainstream media is defending Griner for something she clearly did while condemning the January 6 panty-raiders and supporting their incarceration without due process.

Griner's defense seems to be that she is some kind of minor, intersectional celebrity and should somehow not be expected to abide by the rules that apply to the "little people".


If you were to line up 1000 random people and sort them by importance, had Solanus Casey (circa 1928) been in the line-up he would have been about 2 poor souls from the losing end of the line.

He had been the simplest kind of priest for twenty-four years. His academic performance had been so poor that he was hidden in a convent and only preached to the nuns. Since he only said Mass about one hour a day he was given additional duties, primarily being the door-man at the convent.

Not only had his academic performance been subpar (perhaps only passing due to professors judiciously smudging certain grades to make them unreadable) but his voice had been damaged during childhood illnesses. Compared to his singing and speaking voice, fingernails on chalkboards were like Stratavarii violins.

The stone rejected

God has a way of choosing the stones rejected by humanity.

Casey made up for his lack of speaking ability by being a better listener. When he did speak, he made sure that what he said was worth listening the point where people overlooked his rasping voice.

Casey reminded us of the importance of being a door-man. Nominally a very humble position but one he served with dignity and honor. Casey never forgot that it was not about him. It was about the one who he served.

I, for one, would much rather be a Casey than a Griner.


  1. I have run into a few Caseys in my life and after realizing what I had experienced, and sometimes it took awhile, I was humbled.---ken

  2. Griner seems to me to be the typical Ugly American abroad who believes the law shouldn't apply to her.
    Remember the kid caught spray painting cars in Singapore several years ago and sentenced to a caning?
    Same thing, plus MANY other examples I could give.

  3. Matthew 25:21
    His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Enter into the joy of your master!'

    Something to hope to hear when you arrive before the Throne. Casey did I am sure.

  4. The clearest difference between ‘them’ and ‘us’ is their complete submission to “collectivism” in all things.

    One of the biggest, most fundamental, failings of America today is the demand that we judge a person not (ever) as an individual but by the categories they belong to.

    One of the saddest, most pathetic and corrupting things is so many actually judge themselves as such, and demand all the ‘rights and privileges’ they imagine should go along with their self-determined ‘special’ status (and it’s a decided shock, eliciting wailing and gnashing of teeth, when they find out that their victimhood points just aren’t sufficient to excuse their actions, universally).

    Terry Pratchett wrote “The root of all evil is when you treat people as things”, at its root collectivism views you as interchangeable widgets, things. Think of any crime, evil, and underneath all the excuses, justifications and psychobabble will be that the criminal viewed their victim(s) as ‘categories’ not ‘people’.

    Christianity is the only religion that places the individual above the collective in all things. It explains ‘their’ absolute loathing of it, no?

    I suspect Casey viewed the individual as … important. Griner, not so much (including, themselves – it’s not they they individually are being held accountable, but that someone like them is).

    1. I had not cottoned onto that.... Very clear observation. I need to go read that Terry Pratchett quote in context. Thank you for the new rabbit trail.

  5. But certainly he didn't have such an amazing tat sleeve!

  6. Griner is an America-hating hot mess. Read her Wikipedia page if you want to find out how messed up she really is.

    My impression is that she seems to think she can do whatever the heck she wants, whenever and wherever she wants to. And now she knows that it doesn't work that way in Russia.

  7. While Griner played at Baylor Coach Kim Mulkey kept her on a pretty tight leash. "Shut up and play basketball, Britney. Don't talk politics or your homosexuality or any of that other irrelevant crap." Once loosed in (or on ?) the Real World she lost all her filters and constraints on her behavior. She's still a helluva baller, for a girl, but a generally rotten human being.

  8. When you exalt yourself on the basis of your categories, you run the risk that someone more powerful might assign you to a new category. Since she brought hashish into Russia in the present conflict, she is now categorized as 'political capital' and 'symbolic retribution victim'. How degrading; but then, she started it

    1. Related:

  9. Concur with that on MANY counts!

  10. I suspect that in God's line-up, Casey would place far closer to the front... and that is what matters.


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