Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Ben and Jerry Ice Cream endangered species

Right on cue: There was a news article on local TV yesterday about Ben and Jerry Ice Cream being an endangered species due to...wait for it...man-made climate change.

More precisely they claimed that the flavorings that go into every BnJ icecream are threatened by global warming.

Being good, responsible believers in man-made climate change, I challenge Ben and Jerry to IMMEDIATELY combat global warming by switching from dairy based ice cream to insect-protein based ice cream.

They need to put their money where their mouths are. DO IT NOW!!!


  1. I find it 'amusing' that even in the (relative) heat-wave we just experienced (for two days) here in the UK the store refrigerators were entirely sold-out of all the ice-cream ... except for the Ben and Jerry's.

    Apparently the only people who buy it are what the manager calls "The 5 P's" (Plump, pink haired, pierced, plug-ugly, perverts) so most just gets dumped. Go woke ...

    Me? I'm now addicted to freeze-dried (from a Lithuanian company called Super Garden) in little pocket-friendly pots and several flavours. Perfect for my hikes in the hills.

  2. It started for me several years ago when someone gave me this advice, but has increased exponentially of late: vote with your wallet.
    I don't like Coca Cola Corporations policies. I do not purchase their products in any shape or form. Does it matter? Probably not to Coke, but I feel better about not financially supporting organizations I do not like.

  3. Meh, not all that good anyway, so no great loss...

    1. I actually like their Cherry Garcia.

      But Ben & Jerry's is just a part of Unilever now. The two old hippies get some press, but have very little to do with the product line anymore. If you tour through their manufacturing facility in Waterbury, they'll tell you that B&J has abandoned various flavors over the decade due to difficulty in getting raw materials. I notice Google now has something next to the factory labeled their "flavor graveyard." They'll have no trouble getting ingredients for 95% of what they make, unless it's all supply chain problems due to the WEF-backed war/pandemic/agri-suicide shutdowns. Not climate change.

      This latest press release bullsh*t is just probably a play by Unilever PR clowns to garner a little woke coverage from the moron media.

  4. When I lived in Vermont, my next door neighbor was a small family dairy operation (about 100 head). He always claimed that the B&J crowd wanted to eliminate cows and all agriculture, and just put up plywood cutouts of cows on the hillsides to accommodate the tourists.

  5. Ben and Jerrys is dead to me and not purchased in my house as they've been heavily woke and into BLM, BDS, and other leftist falsehoods.

    Since a lot of other people are similarly refusing to purchase their ice cream as they've more into politics than product, its not climate change that's getting them, it is the climate that they have created around their product.

  6. I don't think I've ever had B&J ice cream, and I don't intend to start now.
    As mentioned above, it's unlikely climate change is actually affecting their flavors; I suspect cost and budget are a bigger issue.


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