Thursday, July 28, 2022

Cornpop sighting


The general consensus is that Biden is "issued" Adderal or some other ADHD medication before public appearances. Adderal is a slow-release amphetamine that addresses ADHD by raising the levels of all neuro-transmitters thereby diluting relative disparities between them.

It is commonly thought that Hitler started taking amphetamines mid-way through WWII because they made him feel "sharp". Historians suggest that some of his more capricious decisions may have been influenced by those amphetamines.

We live in interesting times.


  1. I have zero doubt he is being medicated for appearances.
    The claims of elder abuse should not be ignored

  2. I suspect he is on much more than just this drug.

  3. Armies/Air forces the world over have used amphetamines for their soldiers, they passed them out like candy to keep them awake, and somewhat alert in combat. It doesn't surprise me Hitler, or any politician uses them.

  4. I watched the two comparative videos and it was very freaky the way his eyes were all coked up with no blinking in the one vid . He is on something very potent . I would love to see him after the crash . I had a couple that rented a house from me last year that were on meth . They acted very similar and after the buzz was over and they crashed OMG ! You would be talking to them and they would just fall asleep while you were speaking . Out like a light with no control . Very scary .

  5. I hope this isn't TOO offensive but I have to ask, were the people you were talking about the only ones to fall asleep while you were talking?


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