Thursday, July 14, 2022

Figures don't lie


Key points: This year is only half over. 4,368...remember that number.

According to the CDC, the number of school children killed by firearms in homicides and accidental deaths was 1,955 for the entire year of 2020, the last full year in which a Republican inhabited the White House.

4,368 for a half year with a Democrat in the White House and 1,955 for a full year with a Republican in the White House.

So what do the activists do? Do they send a fleet of school buses to Washington D.C. to the Democratic POTUS?

Nope. They send them to a Republican Senator.

Go figure.


  1. Democrats are LIARS.
    They LIE about everything.
    The Chicago media did the same trick 6-7 years ago when every time a "child" was shot, the headline would be "CPS student shot" (Chicago Public Schools) making it sound like it was school related.
    Does the CDC show how many of those 15-18 year olds were gangbangers?
    Democrats are LIARS.
    We shouldn't believe anything they ever say

  2. Sigh... No surprise... They can't/won't take responsibility for the decisions and the results of those decisions.

  3. More and more, it shows the scenario for what it is: planned.

    1. Winner winner chicken dinner!!

  4. Hmm, could we have a racial description of the victims 'and' perpetrators (and whether the weapon involved was legally held. Hell, the city it occurred in, and who runs it, while we're at it) - might, just might, paint a very different picture than they intend. But all those 'facts' are just so inconvenient, and are trumped by feelings every time for these morons.

    Then, I'd suggest a counter protest for all the children murdered by PP but ... there aren't enough school buses in the entire nation for that.

    There I go, preaching to the choir again.

  5. now do abortion. include miscarriages and stillbirth from the jabbed.

    you know. for the children.

    1. that sarcasm isn't directed at you, Joe. love your blog.
      It was directed at communists who so ardently 'care' about our children only when it's politically expedient.
      also rather bad timing if you have seem the response of uvalde police casually sanitizing his hands while kids were being shot.


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