Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Another day in paradise


This image was a gift from Lucky in Kentucky
Wow, I thought the PT was kicking my butt.

The therapist bent my ankle in a half-dozen unique ways and then took some measurements. He seemed pretty happy with the results. I picked up 8 degrees more range-of-motion on the pitch axis but nothing on the roll axis.

He was curious for the variability in the distance walked each day. 

I told him I was checking out various walking venues and some of them were rougher than I remembered them. 

The therapist was less happy with my lack of progress on balance. I will have to sneak in some extra work on that to get back up to bogey.

The therapist agreed to let me walk 40 minutes a day. I am working on form more than speed. Slow makes smooth. Smooth makes fast.

But today I was aching in every muscle of my body.

Yes, I cheated a little bit yesterday. I helped Sprite change a tractor tire. I did some fencing. I filled, emptied, filled and moved a stock tank a few times. I pulled some weeds.

But I could not figure out why I was so sore and so stiff.

Then Mrs ERJ pointed out that I was whacked by the electric fence.

Yep, that will do it. Every muscle maxed, even if for just milliseconds, will do that.

Ag status

Wheat is being harvested. Japanese beetles are active and I need to spray the grape vines.

We are about 6.4" short of rain if you compare actual rainfall from June 1 to evaporation models.  We are 8.5" shy if you use a starting point of March 1.

I have some apricots starting to color up and I need to go pick some broccoli.

Just another day in paradise.


  1. Good thing you didn't pee on the fence or you'd be back on the walker.---ken

  2. Checked trail cams and trails today. Spot that last year I needed chest waders to get to was dry on high spots (maybe knee deep last year/2 years ago) and low spots (waist or above) are thin puddles.

    It's connected to some farm drains so highly variable, but haven't seen it this dry in a while.


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