Sunday, July 24, 2022

A big day!

I went for a walk with the lovely Mrs ERJ.

Nothing heroic. Just a half-mile down the gravel road that runs in front of our house and a half-mile back. I have been walking a mile per day in P.T. but on flat-smooth-hard surfaces with no vehicular traffic that requires that I leave the road.

We took Zeus and he was excited at the return to normality.

It has been two months and three weeks since the accident.

Our usual walk is three miles. I need to get in better condition before we attempt that.

I started walking up-and-down our flight of 13 stairs to help build up those leg muscles. So far today I have 28 flights in three sets of five minutes each.

It is a little thing, as is walking up-and-down flights of stairs but it feels like I have turned the corner with regards to regaining "normal" function.


  1. Attaboy!

    You are getting the opportunity to live the "no pain, no gain" cliche.


    I tell my patients ref stopping smoking, the easy things are seldom worthwhile, the worthwhile things are seldom easy.

    1. Work ===> Results is something I understand.

      Discomfort comes in many different flavors and putting in the time gives me the chance to savor them. It also gives me time to play around with different things. For example, I found that I could avoid one kind of discomfort by lifting my left foot slightly higher on the forward part of the stride and having more of a mid-foot strike on the foot-plant. A little thing, but something I would not have found if I was "cheating" on the forty-minutes-a-day walking homework.

  2. Hurrah!

    Your diligence and focus is an example.

  3. Excellent that you're walking, but I hear that people who are in wheelchairs can now go down stairs. They're pretty quick at it, too.


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