Friday, July 1, 2022

New Baseline


The view from where I parked looking south.
Northwestern Elementary school was sold and converted to a nursing home. The woods behind the school was donated to Eaton County and is now a park. The parking lot is flat and still in good repair. It is 395 feet from north-to-south.

I used spruce cones for counters.

Yes, I know the doc said to start with 10 minutes of walking. I was never more than 400 feet from the minivan and it took about 7 minutes for each leg which works out to a whopping 1.25 mph.

So, I walked seven minutes using the cane and then assessed how I felt. Then I walked another seven minutes and so on and so forth.

After four round-trips, my right hand was cramping on the cane so I started the fourth leg carrying the cane for balance. I was able to walk the entire 800 feet without using the cane. Then two more legs with the cane and I finished the set walking the last 800 feet without the cane.

Then, at 3:30 I wheedled and sweet-talked the ever-willing Mrs ERJ into going for a walk. We walked a half-mile on grass. I wanted some exposure to some uneven surface.

Did I over do-it?

Maybe. Maybe not. I was paying attention to how my body felt. I was adjusting my gait as I took in information. While walking on the pavement I felt better the longer I walked (with the exception of the cramping hand).

That is one of the bonuses of having been a runner. A mediocre runner but a runner none-the-less. I adjust on-the-fly as a matter of course.

I expect to feel a little bit rough on Sunday morning but expect to do it again on Monday.

Bonus image

The flowers of mid-summer. From the bottom: White clover, mullein (yellow flowers), chickory (blue flowers).


  1. Don't be surprised if you get some swelling of your lower leg by tomorrow. Icing it is always appropriate.

  2. When many of the Mullein flowers are bloomed out pick a good cup full , wash ,dry, and cover them in a stainless steel pan with some quality oil . I prefer olive . Warm them up a little , probably about 140 degrees for 20 minutes or so. Let them sit at room temp for about two weeks and then strain and bottle . It is the best cure for an ear ache I have found in these 70 some years . The stuff the doctor gave me was compromising my immune system and I started to get two or three colds every week . And it did not stop my ear aches .

  3. As George says,RICE, rest, ice, compression, elevation.

    As someone with a history of multiple (ballistic) leg injuries, concentrate on the walking without the cane to gradually strengthen the correct muscle/bone (even if it means much less) as your gait changes dramatically, walking with, and you can end up injured (either a bit that needed strengthening and didn't get it, or a bit that was wrongly overused failing) later on when you attempt normality again. (ask me how I know). it's why Physios tend towards bar/personnel-supported in worst case scenarios, not cane.

  4. Maybe RICE is not so nice:

  5. anon - I'd suggest a cursory lit search on the subject. The cited article listed a number of papers and opinion articles, the alternative 'traditional' view can list thousands. Just sayin'.

    Yes, it can be inappropriate (especially when ice is applied, against advice and common sense, in a baggy direct to skin, as shown) call me a cynic but when some new, completely opposite to millennia of experience and research is proposed, and the person doing so just happens to be selling a book on the subject .... make your own judgement.


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