Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Wisconsin Whack-a-doodles

Let me get this straight: If K. R. is acquitted of most or all charges then it is a clear message to violent rioters that people are empowered (in the Great State of Wisconsin) to protect themselves as defined by "natural law" since the dawn of time.

And if violent rioters decide to protest in spite of this ruling by rioting, then they are knowingly committing suicide.

The only onus on those protecting themselves is to be mindful of the back-ground to ensure that pass-throughs and misses do not kill/injure innocent people.

Am I missing something?


  1. "Am I missing something?"

    The corollary?

  2. Kyle's best outcome at this time is a hopelessly deadlocked jury.

  3. Innocent people at a riot? Here is what may be missing ....

    "Rocking your cellphone video? You're an instigator. Headshot.

    Standing around with your hands in your pockets? Here's your surprised look, in perpetuity. Headshot achievement unlocked.

    Hooting and hollering with the crew? Headshot.

    You're on the field of battle? You get treated as a combatant. We don't care if you've got a walking cane, a baby in your arms, or you're wearing angel wings and a halo.

    Part of the crowd? You're gonna get crowd controlled. Headshots." - Raconteur


  4. Kyle is going to be fine. I am convinced that the legal process is the punishment in this case, and the system was placed in an unwinnable situation with this being the lesser evil (for the system). Kyle killed thralls in the service of the authorities, so they had to punish him in some way or lose face and risk an insurrection among the thralls. Self-defense usually comes into question when people defend themselves against the government, so those dead criminals must have been under the protection of the authorities.

    1. Self-defense usually comes into question when people defend themselves against the government,

      The most insightful summation of this whole setup I have read to date.
      Well said sir, and spot on.

  5. Democrats don't want a judicial system. They just want all of their enemies in jail

  6. Are you missing that an idiot kid took a firearm to a location he should not have been and provoked a situation of his own making then claims self defense. The people he threatened could make the same excuse.

    This race to the bottom where video game fantasies override law leads to anarchy. Delusion does not make a hero.

    1. provoked a situation
      There's something wrong with this persons circuit board. It's parents failed it.

    2. With the history of mass shootings in the US, if you take a rifle into a crowd, how do you think the crowd is going to see it? It doesn't help that the assailant, in this case, legally a child, fits the profile of mass shooters. He was there to threaten and that is exactly what he did.


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