Friday, November 12, 2021

Lest you think something nefarious is afoot...


The cost of housing is usually the largest, single-item in a home-owner's budget.

Productive families leaving leftist hell-holes and moving to freedom-loving "red" states will tank rents and housing prices in "blue" states and drive prices up in "GOP heartlands".

If Bidenflation is splitting the nation it is because folks who had been tolerating leftist policies are now voting with their feet in wholesale lots. This could cause hand-grenades to detonate in the laps of the Bluest enclaves as tax base implodes and it becomes impossible to find buyers to "get out from under" the falling piano.

Now, let us hope economic refugees from Blue States act rationally in the voting booths of their new homes.


  1. The only way to get refugees from leftist blue states to act rationally, would be to forbid them from voting or seeking elective office for the first ten years of their new residency.

  2. Great idea, Mike. Wish we could do that. We are getting bombed with people from Chicago. You can tell them by the way they drive, talk to waitresses and others they don't know and generally act in public and on their snowmobiles and side-by-sides. As I hear it said "you can take people out of Chicago but you can't take Chicago out of people".

  3. The coloring is a little wrong on the map.
    Seattle should be red and Chicago should be orange per the legend.

  4. Good idea, but the escapees, by and large will continue to vote for the crap they just left... They want their free cheese.

  5. Mike, not ten years but ten generations. Assimilation doesn't happen quickly, if it happens at all.

  6. I keep hearing stories about well-to-do folks down south cashing out financial assets to buy land and houses in Alaska. Might explain the skyrocketing price of dirt here.

  7. "let us hope economic refugees from Blue States act rationally in the voting booths of their new homes."

    Not likely. They move away from problems they voted to make happen, then want to change their new home to be just like the old one.....


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