Sunday, November 7, 2021

Pelosi's laptop



  • The FBI coordinated pivotal points in the January 6 trespassing of the Capital
  • Nancy Pelosi's computer was removed during the process.
  • There are no reports of that laptop being recovered.
  • The detention and prosecution of those who trespassed exceeds all sense-of-proportion for a misdemeanor.
  • Most portable computers are going to leave a trail of hand-shakes with every WIFI router they pass. Somebody knew to turn off the computer and possibly pull the battery -or- the trail of electronic breadcrumbs was covered up by the group tasked with recovering the item.


January 6 was a major battle between the Executive Branch Deep State and the Legislative Branch of the US Government.

An cabal instigated a warlike action, an invasion, of another branch of the government with the specific intention of collecting The Speaker of the House's laptop.

As a reminder, the SOTH is third-in-line with the Nuclear Football. She is also privy to significant amounts of foreign intel.

While most of the information on Pelosi's laptop was shared by various factions and splinters of the intelligence community, it compartmentalized and no one group owned all of it.

That compartmentalization was intentional. It reduced the means of any one faction successfully executing a coup d'etat. Inter-agency rivalry is legendary.

So what motive might a cabal within the FBI have for stealing the Speaker of the House's laptop? Beuller? Anybody?


This is not a pretty picture. The Executive Branch is at war with the other two branches of government. Intelligence agencies are at war with each other. A rogue cabal within the FBI is either mining the data from the laptop or auctioning chunks of that data to foreign and domestic bidders to raise off-ledger funds for clandestine purposes.


  1. Don't forget the CCP is also busy waging a 'cold war' against us and has subverted, suborned or blackmailed countless assets in the Fed Gov to work for them. Their successes in Mordor on the Potomac make the KGB/NKVD of the Soviet era look like rank amateurs.

  2. This is a very interesting and seemingly plausible idea. But way above my pay-grade. Impossible to guess where this might go. I'll stick with growing potatoes.---ken

  3. Totally crazy theorizing,Joe. Therefore will not be confirmed as fact for at least two weeks.

    Then memory holed.

  4. Either that or who ever grabbed it realized it was too hot to keep and tossed it.

  5. The difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is about six months.

    Opie Odd

  6. Some people think that the breach was by marines posing as Antifa posing as MAGA. So the good guys have her laptop.

  7. The whole computer thing has already been memory holed... Good luck finding out the truth.

  8. Her office laptop shouldn't have had any sensitive intelligence on it, since her office wasn't rated for classified storage.
    More likely, the political info on it was of value...


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