Wednesday, November 10, 2021


Your life's savings, your business, your farm, your home, your vehicles, the schools you can send your children to, the clothes you can buy...

The word "equity" is popping up in all kinds of places.

All of the cool kids are using it. They think it makes them sound hip and cool.

The word gives me heartburn.

The problem is that the now-common use of the word imbues it with vagueness and lack of precision. Words like that are only useful to those who are attempting to be sneaky or to hide their actions and intentions.

Consider the word "Responsibility" as an example. It can mean:

  • Has been given authority and will be held accountable (Chain-of-command organization)
  • Has authority (Despot king or somebody with a key)
  • Has the ability to perform in a certain capacity (responsible adult)
  • Will be held accountable (This is the poor bastard who has been chosen to be the scapegoat)
"Who is responsible?" may be perfectly clear in the mind of the person asking that but the actual answer can shift dramatically depending on the context and the functional definition of "responsibility".

By the time the writer has fully explained the context, the word "responsible" is redundant and just extra baggage.


Equity used to be synonymous with "Ownership"

"Sweat equity", "Equity in a house" being examples of that definition.

Now, the powers-of-evil are inverting the definition.

Equity involves trying to understand and give people what they need to enjoy full, healthy lives.     -Source

"Equity involves trying...."  Is not results oriented. There is no objective definition of success. There is no end to "...trying..." 

"...understanding...what they need..." May I posit that it is impossible to understand people. Furthermore, we do not even understand ourselves. How often have we  been told the every person has their own reality and we cannot understand them. So the word "...understanding..." means that we are supposed to allow the active alcoholic to tell us what he needs.

"...and give..." Ahhh! the core of the issue. "...give..." means one thing when speaking of extending personal charity. Outside of that, that which is "...give(n)..." must be "...taken..." from others by through coercion or dishonest promises. This is the Orwellian part. "Equity" used to mean ownership and the protections civilized countries extend to private property. 

The new "improved" definition of "Equity" means that those protections will be eliminated. Not only that but the fruit of your sweat and deferred consumption will be confiscated.

"...enjoy full, healthy lives..." as dabblers and dilettantes. The recipients of "equity" will never have the satisfaction of learning a difficult and valuable skill. They will never have the self-respect and dignity of going to work (or caring for their children) every day and knowing that they are a contributing member of society.

Instead, a part of them will slouch from shadow-to-shadow knowing that the world would be a better place if they were not here. They will know that everybody else will have a little less rather than a little bit more because they continue to breath.

The "...full, heathy lives..." promised by "equity" is a very stunted thing and is the opposite of what true, tough-love offers.

As he (Jesus) passed by he saw a man blind from birth.
His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”
Jesus answered, “Neither he nor his parents sinned; it is so that the works of God might be made visible through him.   -John 9:1-3 NAB
It is my belief that the events and stories documented in the Bible were included because they had applied to far more than the specific event or circumstance recorded.

As a practicing Catholic/Christian, I believe that God gives us our unique tool-box of skills and our personal handicaps so the works of God can be made visible to the world. The ideal Christian is a transparent window that neither shades, tints, or distorts God's greatness.

Furthermore, I believe that we were made in the image and likeness of God. I believe the the first actions of God recorded in the Bible were acts of creation and building. I believe that man is hard-wired to create, to protect and to "nest".

I believe that the first two sins recorded in the Bible, eating from the tree-of-knowledge and Cain killing his brother were sins of envy.

I believe that the facades of social justice, BLM, Antifa, Wokeness, "equity" and the Progressive Left both incite and mask envy. I believe that they are all inherently evil and are Satan's gloved hands.

But that is just me.

Your mileage will vary.


  1. Many words are being used sloppily these days, and that trend is being taken advantage of by people who want to change society.
    Another example is "drone" for remote control aircraft. A Drone is a target, can be aerial, surface vehicle, or ship. It is also a bee that can't reproduce.

    Other recent examples are changing the meaning of Pandemic and Vaccine.

  2. Equality: equal opportunities
    Equity: equal outcomes
    Many think life is like the 100 yard dash.
    Healthy kid starts at 100, obese one at 50, one on crutches at 25.
    Reality is more like a class for airline pilots.

  3. The use of 'Equity' and 'Social Justice' are ways to convey the illusion of a higher system of order, so that things of value may be transferred and seized in its name as if it were common law. It's a play on our system of Justice, which is written in plain English and codified under Constitutional Law. It is a play on substitution, representing itself as legitimate and official, when it is neither. There's another word for it: Fraud.

  4. The very first sin was also one of envy. It preceded the first two human sins that you named. It was Lucifer (Satan) rebelling against God claiming that he was equal to or better than God. He convinced a third of the angels of heaven of that lie and they were all exiled to earth as a result.

  5. He who controls the language controls the society.

  6. Perfectly stated. Always refreshing when a Godly man states truth. Thank you!

  7. Well said, and yes, words have meanings. The problem is when they keep changing the meaning mid-stream.

  8. I hear another buzzword has been added. Now it's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

  9. Very good post sir. When my church went woke over Saint George Floyd and brought in black pastors to preach hate from the pulpit, I've been telling anyone that will listen that God is not pleased with this but that I assure them that the father of lies is.


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