Sunday, November 14, 2021

Michigan Firearm Deer Season opens tomorrow


We divide things down the middle in our marriage. Mrs ERJ gets the right side and the back of the pantry. I get the left side and the front of the pantry.

My plan is to spend the night at the hunting lease under an electric blanket and a sleeping bag.

The young fellows SAY they want to be walking out to the blind at 6:00 AM, a full 70 minutes before legal light. Since I have the key to the building, it behooves me to be there before 6:00.

Staying at the building the night before used to be SOP. Back then, the young guys drank whiskey, smoked stogies and played poker into the wee hours.

Even back then I was the "old guy". I racked out early and got a full night's sleep.

The young ladies who originally planned to join us on opening day (Krystal Meff, Tiffany Lite and Amber Angel) demurred when they learned that the hunting blinds were not heated and a feather boa would not supply adequate warmth.*

In exchange for opening the building and supplying a lunch of Bar-S sausages, buns and beef-vegetable soup in the crock pot, the young nippers might take pity on me vis-a-vis the canoeing accident and loan me a four-pound 1936 Stevens single-shot 12 gauge with a 33", full-choke barrel to hunt with.

Liquid refreshments will be available at the end of the hunting day. Of course, if one of us shoots the turdy-point-buck it might end early.

An inch of snow is predicted for today but the ground is warm and it will probably not stick.

Temperatures between 30 and 40 F are predicted for tomorrow with 7mph winds out of the west.

*Actually it was Belladonna and the Lovely Lindsey Leigh but stripper names make a better story. They both have to work.


  1. Hoping you do well.
    Is it still a UAW holiday?

    1. You mean Veteran's Day which is magically observed on the opening day of Michigan's Firearm season?

      I don't know. I have been out of the loop since 2013.

  2. Weather prediction is looking a heck of a lot better this year than last year. If you're still out on Tuesday looks like a S/SE wind, pretty rare so should be interesting. Good luck at da turdy point!

  3. Good hunting and good luck! Hope a nice big buck wanders through your sights. Just spent a portion of yesterday breaking down a couple of deer - which are now dry aging for a while before butchering. Shoot straight.

  4. At your advanced age and state of decrepitude are ya gonna do "The Second Week of Deer Camp"? It'll be tough but I betcha ya can. ---ken


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