Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Kubota and truck shopping

 Kubota has the hots for a truck that is twelve hours away.

He is getting schooled (not by me) in the ins-and-outs of cashier's checks, insurance and the intricate dance of how they zipper together.

The last I knew he was NOT going to buy it because it would take the bank 14 days to mail the registration and the seller was NOT going to sell it because his bank informed him that it might be as much as two weeks before the funds were available to him.

I fully expect them to come around to the realities of the banking system and how things work. The seller needs the money and the only way to turn the truck into money is to sell it.

Most buyers are not going to drive 12 hours away from home to a strange place with the kind of heavy bread this guy is asking.

If I were a betting man I would bet that I will be driving Kubota to pick up this truck in the Thursday-Friday-Saturday timeframe.

Side plot

Kubota has not been around much the last couple of days.

I asked Mrs ERJ what he had been up to lately.

She said "I am not exactly sure, but I suspect that his friends found out that he was approved for a truck loan,"

"What does that have to do with anything?" I asked.

"Every one of his friends has a junk/parts truck. I imagine they are all trying to wheedle out of him how much money he borrowed. And then I imagine every one of those piles of junk will be offered to him at exactly that price."

These are the same friends who could not be bothered to let Kubota sleep on their couch after we kicked him out.

The good news is that Kubota has a very specific set of specifications regarding the make, model, engine, year-range of what he wants to buy. Kubota is not likely to be swayed by his friends' up-talking their wrecks.


  1. I feel for him. It sucks being that age when being a dumbass is the most normal response. I sure wouldn't want to go through it again. In fact I wouldn't want to be less than 35. ---ken

    1. My friend Jim Balmer contends that the thirties are a man's best decade.

      He has earned a few dollars, a little bit of scar tissue and cynicism. He still has his knees, his vision and his stamina.

      He is still young enough to recover from most of the dumb things he might still try.


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