Thursday, November 11, 2021



Various groups are losing their minds over the fact that Com-China is building half-size replicas of various US Naval ships in the desert.

The speculation is that the replicas will be used as targets or training tools. It is perceived as evidence of an escalation in readiness-for-war on the part of Com-China against the United States.

The people who feel most betrayed, and are staining their undershorts on a daily basis, are the ones who thought Com-China was our buddy and would always ship us goods for less than what it would cost us to make them.

Wiser heads realize that every nation is always preparing for war against every other nation, even against allies. The US is currently allies with France but not too long ago we fought an enemy over the French terrain. In fact, we did it twice in the last 105 years. Political alliances come and go. The landscape does not change...much.

I give Com-China credit for getting inside of people's heads and not having to pay much rent. The two most famous quotes attributed to Sun-Tze are "Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay the price" and "It is more important to out-think your enemy than to outfight him"


Picture in your head fields across America. Some of the fields are athletic fields. Others are pastures or hay fields. Some are unimproved rangeland

Imagine HUNDREDS of spontaneous works-of-art springing up.

Picture fence posts being pounded into them and a single lines stretched between the fence posts at various heights. Furthermore, consider a simple three-dimensional mock-up made from cardboard boxes placed somewhere within the artwork.

If the artist likes color, perhaps paint-balloons will be chucked at the cardboard mockup.

Mow a little grass. Maybe spray some white latex paint here and there. I don't see that it would take more than four man-hours to make a dandy 1/10 scale representation of some random place.

The structure in the upper-right corner of the photo looks almost like the box flat-screen TVs (made in Com-China, incidentally) come in. May I remind you that boxes that are picked up on trash-day from the other side of town are impossible to trace back to the artist.

Then, because the professional worriers are known for their lack of imagination, think of what would happen if schedules of events where it would be VERY embarrassing if the POTUS could not keep the lights on were found near the sites. Visits by heads-of-state, media awards events and the like.

The greatest leverage will be from sowing seeds of doubt among the media that has been carrying the water for the Marxists. They all joined that team because they are SURE it will be a smooth ride to an inevitable victory. They never imagined that dehumanizing dirt-people could ever inconvenience them.

I repudiate any suggestion that people act on what the learn from building these mockups. I abhor needless violence.

Sometimes it is enough to out-think the enemy and send a message that gets into his head. A message that he cannot stop replaying.


  1. I'd be surprised if China has not previously built mockups of major US buildings, aircraft, etc. The US has done it plenty of times; the last time it was in the news was after the Bin Laden raid.
    Even the US has mock-ups of US ships! There are multiple airfields with carriers drawn on them for practice, there are 3 (that I know of) partial Aegis cruiser sections for electronic training and development, there are submarine sections in Idaho for reactor design and practice, etc, etc.
    Iean was in the news a couple years ago for building and sinking models of US ships. I'm sure Russia has done the same.
    This is no big deal; potential adversaries do it all the time, just like the entertainment industry has multiple Oval Office sets available...

  2. Joe Love your fiction. Remember Sun Tuz also said. it is best to defeat your enemy by not directly confronting him. woody.

  3. The CCP has been waging an underground war against us for decades. They are now so certain of eventually winning they are no longer trying to hide their aggressions. And as blatant as they now are most peop!e can't recognize this fact.

  4. I recall 2 or 3 years ago folks were clutching pearls about a model of one country's capital buildings showing up in satellite pictures of another. Either South Korea in North, or Taiwan in China, forgot which. So nothing new under the sun.


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