Sunday, November 14, 2021

Grab bag


Certain protocols must be maintained while preparing to go hunting.

I often misplace things. Sometimes Kubota uses things and puts them down where it is convenient. Other times, Mrs ERJ will decide that the middle of the living room is not the best place to store something and she will move it to a place that she considers more appropriate.

It is bad form to simple ask "Where is my ventricular reticulatum accelerator?" It gives the appearance of not being in control of myself or my surroundings.

The proper form is to scurry about looking in places where I KNOW it isn't. Then, the third time I look in the same place Mrs ERJ will ask "Looking for something?"

"Yup. I can't seem to lay my hand on my VRA" I will say.

"9mm or 40?" she will ask. That is when I know she knows where it is.

"Actually, I am looking for the plasma arc-pulse VRA" not wanting to give her the satisfaction of knowing that she got me again.

"Ferrous or non-ferrous?" she will ask.


"You know, on second thought I think I will go old-skool. I think I will take the one with the wheelie doo-dad in the middle" I will parry.

"Did you look in the middle safe, second shelf from the bottom, behind the shotgun shells?" she will ask.

"That was the next place I was going to look" I will say.

Quote of the day

"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission." Eleanor Roosevelt.


I was asked if I would like to make a donation to help refugees from Haiti feel more at home.

I asked if bus tickets to Saguenay, Quebec would be accepted. They speak French in Quebec and I am sure the Haitian refugees would feel right at home.

I wonder why they don't request donations to make Haitians feel more at home in Haiti, for instance. Why do Haitians need bicycles in Michigan in December and January (for instance) when bicycles would be far more appreciated in Haiti where they can be ridden year round and there are far fewer alternative forms of transportation?

Oddly enough, I don't get many requests for help.


  1. LOL, I manage to lose stuff by myself WITHOUT any help... sigh

  2. When I get asked to donate to any charity I always say that I have 170 feet of wooden fence that needs painting or 400 feet of potatoes that need hoeing or some other farm chore that needs doing and I always end up doing the work myself. I'm done giving to those that will not earn it---ken

  3. I've been getting calls from someone claiming to be from the CDC. Probably some survey. Given how I feel about the CDC, the FDA, vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and their ilk these days, I hang up as soon as I hear "CDC."

  4. One way tickets back to Haiti ? I'll chip in.


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