Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Kubota update

The ever-wise and lovely Mrs ERJ and I decided that Kubota would have a better chance of succeeding (that is, hanging onto his new job) if he had access to showers, laundry and a warm, safe place to sleep.

So we made the executive decision (right, indifferent, wrong or very-wrong) to let him back into the house temporarily. "Who among you would give your son a snake if he asked for a fish?"

He has been working at his new place of employment for three weeks and it is now time for him to move out again.

We are a bit wiser. Kubota is overwhelmed by the tasks required to find a new place to live if the process is more complex than asking his friends if he can move in.

Since we want Kubota to be successful (that fish/snake thing, again) we are grinding through the tedious parts of the process.

The housing market is white-hot

Totally baffling to me because the economy is comatose. Kubota's new job is a factory job and he estimates 50% uptime between parts shortages and equipment that cannot be repaired due to labor issues and....more part shortages.

It is totally baffling until you realize that the Federal government is moving millions if illegal aliens to cities across America where they can efficiently be supplied with "services". Ironic that they can always find them to deliver services but cannot find them when it is time for their court hearing.

Our new economy is based on making invaders feel right at home. People are fleeing cities and suburbs and snapping up properties in backwaters like Eaton Rapids.


I have been looking for rooms to rent. Kubota would benefit from having a roommate and the economy of not having to rent an entire apartment or house would provide some financial relief.

I found this gem:

$500 / 1br - 7ft2 - Room for rent, see requirements

ERJ writes: I guess Kubota could learn to sleep standing up.

1. Rest/Worship on Saturdays, no work/cooking/errands.
2. Use only vegan/vegetarian/Kosher food/toiletries/cleaning products/detergents/soaps/perfumes.

I wonder how she would respond to "I don't use soap or commercial cleaning products. Nothing but sand, wood-ash and rainwater collected in white-oak barrels for me! And raw beaver castor and Balsam Fir needles for fragrance."

3. Higienize yourself/your shopping/things as you come through the door.
4. Put only sterilized food/containers in the fridge.


If you go to witchcrafters or are one, please do not message me. I don't want to take in any one involved with witchcraft, horoscopes, the occult or all the like.
You need to have your own portable internet.

You need to be a straight/moral female (sleeping around/sex innuendos are grounds for eviction), clean, go to bed the latest at 8:45 PM and not play any loud music, throw doors/burn food accidentally just when I leave for an appointment

Are you ASSUMING Kubota's gender? How many decibels is "loud"? Can he/she play rap music?

No parties/guests.

I will inspect your room for cleanliness...

I am not sure this will be a good fit for Kubota. For one thing, I doubt that she will approve of Kubota's Vegan cats.

This is more like it!

Somehow, 1911ft^2 resonates with me


  1. I've seen listings like that before... Never looked into them for obvious reasons!

  2. This is the exactly why we need to go back to rooming houses. Boy do I miss the $20 buck a week rooms I stayed in back in the'80's.

  3. Army/Navy/Air Force/Marines/Coast Guard = THE SOLUTION to pay, room + board, and being overwhelmed by young adulthood.

    1. Not so much these days. I wouldn't trust my kid with 'em.

  4. Wow, i sure wouldn't want to try to meet those conditions. Especially the burning food thing.

  5. What did he decide about the write-off truck? I would keep well clear of it unless he knew who had rebuilt it!

    1. He bailed on it. The next day he drove to Muskegon with a buddy and bought a 2005 Duramax.

      The day after that he sold his old "whip" for less than he owed on it.

      Thanks for asking.

  6. Back in the early 80's, I resided in an old hotel that had been turned into transient housing, for about six months. The rates were 40/ week on the floor with a common bathroom, 50/week on the floor with adjoining rooms sharing a bath and 60/week for a room with its own bathroom. Regardless of which floor you were on, at night when you hit the light switch, you could watch the ceiling and walls turn from black/brown to white as the Roaches scurried for cover.

    I was around Kubota's age and still trying to figure out what I wanted to do. In the first year and a half after moving to Atlanta, I went through 13 different jobs, from slinging fruit at the State Farmer's Market to recapping truck tires to waiting tables in a Pizza restaurant. Did some landscaping and stripped furniture at a refinishing shop. Finally found my niche in carpentry and construction. Been at it for the last 40 years.

    If you can live through it, adversity makes you stronger and appreciate it more when you finally figure it all out.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Joe and family and everyone else who comments here.

  7. One does what one has to. Your family, your decisions. Hoping it works out to y'all's satisfaction!


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