Friday, November 19, 2021

Open well


I saw this while walking yesterday.

It is between 18" and 24" in diameter.

This is what the camera sees when pointed down the hole at 4X zoom. I did not have a measuring tape to run down it to give you a depth.

I passed word along to somebody-who-knows-somebody that they might want to cap this hole. It is in a back-corner of a property that is adjacent to a public walking trail.

I wonder if it is full of hibernating bats. That might complicate things. I suppose topping it with an 8' length of concrete culvert would deter humans but not exclude bats nor provide prime foraging stations for raccoons.


  1. Hand dug and probably very old. The county will probably be grateful if it's filled in and capped to preserve the groundwater.

  2. Pre dug hole for disposing of...things are valuable from time to time....Just sayin.

  3. It may have been an artisian spring at one time but has since stopped flowing or gotten plugged . Grab a bucket of crawdads from the creek next spring and throw them in it . That's what the oldtimers around here used to do to get a spring flowing again . They like flowing water and will go to work .

  4. Such dangers need to be dealt with....remember the Baby Jessica event from 87. Kid fell into a well and it took more than 2 days to rescue her....and that was a good outcome

  5. This needs to be filled in quickly and quietly. If the county health department finds out about it they will be there flexing their authoritative Nazi muscles and giving the landowner a real big bunch of expensive shit. ---ken

  6. Walkin' in the woods, found an old well - I felt like you were channeling Ol' Remus for a minute.

  7. Update: The Mayor of the town is reaching out to the property owners.

    There are grants/funding for dealing with these issues so the property owners are not financially gouged.

    Also, one of the local Scouting leaders suggested that it would be a good service project for a Star, Life or Eagle scout. I offered to pony up the cost of six bags of concrete, rebar and lumber for forms.

    I suspect the local police department will drop a camera down the hole looking for evidence.

    I have dibs on all firearms not identified as evidence. Hey, I can dream.

  8. Maybe that story about Jimmy Hoffa being out New York way is a ruse to keep them away from that well until they can get him out of it.---ken


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